What to Crochet for the Craft Show

Congratulations! You’ve just signed up for the local craft show and you are excited! You need a great table cloth, you need price tags, you need laundry care instructions, and you need….CROCHET! But what do you make? What sells really well at craft shows? We’ve put together a great list of things that would be a huge hit and make your table the envy of the show.

#1). The Snowman Stocking by Mary Smith
Christmas is just around the corner, and these stocking will be a HUGE hit!

snowman-stocking-by-mary-smith get the pattern here!

#2). The Snowflake Headband by Danyel Pink Designs
Crocheting small items that can become an impulse buy is the best route to take at a craft sale. Headbands are a must!

snowflake-headbandget the pattern here!

#3). The Rainbow Clip Organizer by Keep Calm and Crochet On Uk
This accessory holder is absolutely adorable, and it won’t take you long to make!

rainbow-clip-holderget the pattern here!

#4). The Star Motif Slouch by Em’s Corner
Hats are such a great seller at craft shows! Stand out with pretty hats that adults will love!

pinwheel2get the pattern here!

#5). The Medley Hat by Salena Baca Crochet
This hat can be made gender neutral and in a variety of sizes that would appeal to anyone! GREAT choice for craft shows!

medley-hatimg_0842 –get the pattern here!

#6). The Mason Mug Cozy by Danyel Pink Designs
Mug cozies! Yes! These are quick, and you can sell them for a great price!

mason-mug-cozyget the pattern here!

#7). The Aurora Shawl by Salena Baca Crochet
Having one or two larger (but quick to make) items is a great way to fill out your table!

img_0700 –get the pattern here!

#8). The African Flower Hotpad by Deborah Bagley
Kitchen accessories are great for craft shows, and this is more unique than a regular dishcloth!

hot-pad-thingget the pattern here!

#9). The Watercress Lace Neck Wrap by Fiber Flux
Such a cute pattern for any age, and it’s quick and easy for you!

green-neck-scarf –get the pattern here!

#10). Gingerbread Friends by CoCo Crochet Lee
Appealing to the younger crowd at craft shows is a MUST! Often times parents will purchase items for their children while walking around!

gingerbread-friends-by-lee-anne-sartori –get the pattern here!

#11). The Smartphone Satchel by Abigail Haze
This satchel is so cute, and very versatile! Make a few in a variety of colors for younger buyers and adults.

fringed-satchel-1 –get the pattern here!

#12). The Stylish Jellyfish by Hooked By Kati
If you have kids, you’ll know that they would go straight for this if it were on a table at a sale. These are so cute, and quick to make!

fancy-jellyfish –get the pattern here!

#13). The Essential Coloring Book Tote by Em’s Corner
Something that looks complicated (but is very easy to make) will help your table stand out in the crowd!

emilys-purse-thing –get the pattern here!

#14). Christmas Light Earrings by Strung Out Fiber Arts
These earrings are so cute, and so giftable! Make a few sets for a holiday sale!

christmas-light-earrings –get the pattern here!

#15). The Cheerful Coaster by Accessorise
Similar to the hotpad idea, coasters are a great way to stand out from the traditional dishcloth!

christmas-coasters –get the pattern here!


I hope these patterns helped you decide what to make for your next sale!

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Emily is a WAHM of 4 children. She is the Editor of Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro and the owner of Em’s Corner. She spent her years before children as a middle school math teacher, but now enjoys crocheting at her kids’ sporting events and spoiling her nieces and nephews. She loves to teach her children and her nieces and nephews to crochet. When she’s not crocheting, she’s outside with her camera. She was raised in San Diego but now finds herself in the very hot Southern California desert.

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