Meet the Editor!


This week is a special one here at Happily Hooked HQ! We are going to spend all week getting to know our new Editor–in-Chief Emily Truman!

Hey, Emily!

This week Emily is going to share some of her favorite things with us! So, make sure you follow along!

Today, we have our Beaded ‘Hook Size’ Stitch Markers! These handmade stitch markers are just awesome. You can take your hook out of your project, clip the stitch marker with the corresponding hook size onto your WIP, and you’ll never mix hook sizes up again!

I asked Emily why she loved these stitch markers so much and she said, “I’m the kind of person with a constant flow of ideas which means I have more WIPs than I can count. I have at least 4 (maybe more) sets of these lettered stitch markers so that I can put a project down, mark it with the hook that I used, and begin my next idea.”

We also have a special promotion for you today! Use the coupon code ILOVEEMILY and you’ll get 15% off your entire Happy Crochet Hooks Purchase!



Emily is a WAHM of 4 children. She is the Editor of Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro and the owner of Em’s Corner. She spent her years before children as a middle school math teacher, but now enjoys crocheting at her kids’ sporting events and spoiling her nieces and nephews. She loves to teach her children and her nieces and nephews to crochet. When she’s not crocheting, she’s outside with her camera. She was raised in San Diego but now finds herself in the very hot Southern California desert.

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