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Tunisian Mastery

Master Tunisian Crochet!

  • From Beginner to Master: Our step-by-step tutorials walk you through your first stitch to a beautifully completed project.
  • Specialized Stitches: Advanced technique using a Tunisian hook that will teach you the honeycomb stitch, pearl stitch, knit stitch, and give your project a super amazing texture!
  • Instructor: Toni Lipsey

(Normal Retail Price: $40)

Finishing School

Create Professional-Looking Projects!

  • Techniques to Finalize Projects: Our step-by-step tutorials walk you through the basic techniques to finalize your projects.
  • Finishing Touches: Whether you're looking to single-crochet around the edges, add tassels and pom-poms effectively, or block a project properly, this class has you covered.
  • Instructors: Michelle Ferguson + Toni Lipsey

(Normal Retail Price: $40)

Get Your "Crojo" Back

Finish The Projects You Start!

  • Get Your Motivation Back: Listen to Toni Lipsey wax poetic about getting your "crojo" back, and the simple steps, hints, and tidbits about how you can motivate yourself to pick up your hooks again and get back into the groove. :)
  • Instructor: Toni Lipsey

(Normal Retail Price: $20)

The Perfect Fit

Get Your Sizing Perfect Every Time!

  • Make Garments That Fit: Garment projects can be intimidating. If you're hesitant about not being able to create projects that will fit properly, our step-by-step tutorials walk you through the basic techniques of measuring for the perfect fit, every time!
  • Instructor: Michelle Ferguson

(Normal Retail Price: $40)

How To Design Patterns

A Comprehensive Guide To Designing Patterns

  • From Idea to Creation: Learn the necessary skills needed to design, write patterns, check for errors, launching your pattern, and building an audience that will love it!
  • Instructor: Kristina R. Smiley

(Normal Retail Price: $20)

Corner-to-Corner Crochet

Get Your Sizing Perfect Every Time!

  • From Beginner to Master: Our step-by-step tutorials walk you through going from absolute beginner to complete mastery of the C2C technique, in just 4 lessons!
  • 6 FREE patterns: Ranging from beginner level to advanced!
  • Instructor: Tonya Bush

(Normal Retail Price: $20)

Crochet All Day

Exercises & Stretches To Crochet Longer

  • 11 SAFE stretches to reduce hand pain: Stretches guided by chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Andrade to safely prevent and reduce hand pain.
  • Customize to fit your needs: Use all the stretch videos, or choose the ones you need to help with your specific source of pain.
  • ​Fast, simple, and easy: All of these stretches can be done in just a few minutes from the safety and comfort of your own chair.
  • Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Andreotti

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