Hat Sizing and How To Get The Perfect Fit!

No matter the season…Crochet hats are some of the most popular projects to make, wear, and gift. They are excellent projects on which new crocheters can practice their skills. Experienced crocheters also love to pick up a hat for a quick project. In this guide we’ll help you to make sure your hats always fit perfectly, no matter who the hat is for. Grab your measuring tape and let’s get hooking!


There are several different styles of hats. We have included the hat sizing guide for a fitted beanie. To make a slouchy hat, simply add an inch or two as desired
for the extra slouch. Not every person will fit exactly into the sizing chart on the next page based on their age.

Head circumference, if available, will always yield a better fit. I, once, had to make a teen size hat fora 3 year old. And it fit perfectly! Additionally, please take into account the yarn fiber and the stitch that will be used to crochet each hat. Some stitches stretch much more than others and allow for a wider hat circumference range than is listed. This is also the reason why many patterns usually include 3-6 sizes and not the 13 included on our list.

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