For crochet lovers who are looking for something more…
“I thought I had everything I needed until I found this!”

Finally, get them the skills they need, the projects they will love to make, and the community they never knew they needed!

Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth for Crocheters

Crocheting isn’t just a hobby. It’s a stress reliever, and it’s art.
It’s a way to connect with friends and family and create memories that last from one generation to the next.
It’s an income generator, and a way to share with those who don’t have enough.
At Happily Hooked, we’re an open door to fun and exciting new ways to expand your crochet world. And your favorite crocheter will find even more to love about it and more to enjoy!
They’ve already invested time, energy, money, and love into crochet.
Now it’s time to invest in THEM.


Whether they want to learn new stitches, find new projects to make, or just get back into crochet, we have so much to share. For instance:

  • Have they been crocheting for years already? Then, we bet we can show them some new techniques!
  • ​Are they looking for new projects to create? We have over 2,000 patterns in our library — we’ll share some each month!
  • ​Have they just gotten into crochet? Then, our basic stitch how-to videos are perfect!
  • ​Are they getting back into crochet after all these years? They are going to love our supportive community!
Live Stitch Mastery Classes so they can easily boost their crochet skills with our amazing instructors!
And don’t worry if they can’t make it — class recordings let them learn on their schedule!
Happily Hooked Magazine Library so they can find inspiring designs every month without wasting their time searching the web!
Each magazine issue is packed with patterns, projects, articles, tips, tricks, and more!
Weekly Live Events keep them connected to crocheters in our community across the country and around the world so they’re never without the answers they need!
New events are coming and more are in the works.
Our Huge Teaching Center for use any time, day or night so when the crochet bug hits, the resources they need are always at the ready!
They’ll be amazed at the variety of size guides, conversion charts, counters, printable tags, cheat sheets, tips, tricks, guides, and more.
Plus a membership to the Crochet Warehouse where they can shop for crochet-related accessories, yarn, and more!
Monthly Events like CALs (crochet-alongs) and Dashes so they have places to escape and just have fun with other crocheters!
Our Members go wild for them! We think your special crocheter will, too. They’re so much fun!
Our Members Community so they can join the greatest group of crocheters on the planet! They’ll fit right in!
Jump in and join the conversation, hang back and read the comments, or just check out the pictures from other Members.

We KNOW they will LOVE our community.

It is HANDS DOWN, the best place to be for crocheters! No drama, no negativity, and no rudeness allowed — it’s the friendliest, most helpful crochet community in existence.
But that isn’t ALL that’s included in our Happily Hooked Membership — there’s more!
  • They get monthly perks like shopping discounts to our favorite partners!
  • ​We bring new crochet courses from outside creators at a steep discount!
  • ​Fun, fun, fun!
  • ​… did we mention fun?


The Gift Membership is a one year term which does not automatically renew.

The digital membership is available anywhere in the world that has internet access.

The term starts immediately upon receipt of the order and the recipient is automatically notified.

One of our favorite past digital issues is added immediately and another digital issue will be added to their account each month through the gift membership term.

The recipient will also be invited to participate in our fabulous online community of crocheters and will have access to many other resources on our Members Site.

Happily Hooked does not produce paper magazines. All content is accessed online.

This gift membership does NOT include paper magazines sent in the mail!