11 free crochet leaf patterns

I would never leaf you without the patterns you need! And if you need leaf patterns, then darn it, I'll give you leaf patterns! And really pretty leaf patterns, while I'm at it.

Whether it's autumn and you want crochet leaf patterns in gorgeous warm tones to set the mood, or it's spring and you want beautiful green leaves to express your joy, I have them for you.

But first, hey, Happily Hooked Leaftime Members, don't overlook the awesome tutorial already in your library! crochet Maple Leaf tutorial from HHThis gorgeous Maple Leaf is by Eléna Leprêtre in Happily Hooked magazine September 2017 (Issue #42). Available as a full tutorial!

And Now: 11 Leaf Patterns!

Leaf Coasters by Katherine Laight

crochet leaf coaster patternThis pretty Aspen-type leaf is a coaster! It's free to download from Ravely. The designer says: I am happy to offer this leaf coaster pattern free of charge, but if you enjoyed it, I would be very grateful if you would consider making a donation to the UK Woodland Trust (www.woodlandtrust.org.uk), or another woodland/forest conservation charity of your choice.

Leaf Dishcloth by Maggie Weldon

crochet leaf dishcloth pattern
A leaf-shaped dishcloth…whaaat?
I guarantee you’ll be the only booth at the craft fair showcasing this unique project!

Little Leaves by C. Leaf

Little Leaves free crochet leaf patternTrue to her name, C. Leaf has created this lovely pattern of little leaves on a vine. She provides both US and UK terms and she initially uses thread but recommends trying heavier weight yarn, as well. 

Fall Leaf by Craft Passion

Fall Leaves Charm free crochet patternSometimes a new yarn can transform a simple design into a stunning product. These autumn-inspired leaf charms are made from Raffia yarn which is made from 100% plant fiber. The embroidery detailing tops off an already beautiful design.

Autumn Leaf by Sylwia SzB of Robootkomania

Autumn Leaf free crochet patternGeometry meets autumn in this festive leaf. Sylwia says, given the right yarn and hook, you could make it big enough for a rug! You can have endless fun trying new color variations. 

Pansy Leaf by Look At What I Made!

Pansy Leaf crochet patternI am in love with these gorgeous leaves, and luckily, there's a matching pansy pattern to go with them! Adorable!

Fall Oak Leaves by Maria Bittner

Fall Oak Leaves crochet patternMake this festive, stash-busting design into a garland, charm, wreath embellishment…or use it as an applique. You can make this versatile design with any yarn you have on hand.

Maple Leaf by HandmadebyRaine

Maple Leaf crochet patternBring fall maple leaves indoors with this intricate-looking design. They look as though they're drifting on the wind. Use them as coasters or just drape them over the furniture. Definite craft fair potential.

Easy Fall Leaves by Golden Lucy Crafts

Simple crochet leaf patternSo simple, but so striking! These leaves are perfect in any color. Be sure to visit her website to see how she used them! It will get your creative juices flowing, for sure! 

Fern Leaf by Attic 24

Crochet Fern Leaf free patternTruly something different, this pattern looks complicated, but is comprised of slip stitches. it naturally curls, just like a real fern leaf! Beautiful and inventive. 

Shamrock by Golden Lucy Crafts

Crochet shamrock pattern These adorable shamrocks made from hearts couldn't be cuter. You'll also find instructions for that one-in-a-million four-leaf clover!

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PLUS: 3 How to Crochet a Leaf – Tunisian Pattern Video Tutorials!

Tunisian produces a very different look from a “regular” style, and you can make some really beautiful leaves using the Tunisian technique.

Visit these tutorials and try them to create some amazing new leaves to add to your collection!

How to Tunisian Leaf for Beginners by C. Jewel

These leaves are petite and beautiful. A great way to start your Tunisian journey.

Tunisian Leaves by HodgePodge

A very different style produces a completely different-looking leaf.

How to Make a Leaf by ElenaRugalStudio

Smart shaping makes this larger leaf completely unique from all others we've seen before. You may want to turn on captions and slow down the video speed if you're new to Tunisian style.

FYI: Happily Hooked Leaftime Members, you have a full Tunisian Mastery video course in your library! To access it, just log in to your Members' Area and visit your Courses library! 

Winter, spring, summer, fall — we've given you free crochet leaf patterns to fit them all. And now, we leaf you to make them to your heart's content! And remember, every time you lose your crojo, all you have to do is turn over a new leaf.


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