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Amigurumi (pronounced ah-mee-goo-roo-mee) is a Japanese word loosely translated as “stuffed toy.” As a new yarn artist (I’ve been hooked for less than a year), I was so intimidated to try one of these adorable creations. When I finally tried one, I was amazed at how easy it was. Now I'm sharing a roundup of free amigurumi crochet patterns with you!

I love so many things about amigurumi projects:

  • They use only a few crochet stitches and skills.
  • They work up quickly.
  • Mistakes don’t show too much, and if they do, they add to the finished project’s personality. (Ask me how I know this!)
  • It's a great way to use up extra yarn.
  • They make great gifts.
  • They are adorable and fun.

If you are looking for a good Amigurumi project, you should definitely check out Happily Hooked for amazing patterns. In the meantime, I have gathered a list of the cutest free crochet patterns that are amigurumi from around the internet. If you are a newbie like me or a seasoned artist, you will find something to try!

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Here is my list of 13 Crochet Amigurumi Patterns, the cutest projects I've seen this fall:

1. Nerdy Bookworm by Ashley Konecny

I put this first on the list because it was one of the first crochet amigurumi patterns I tried. My daughter is a voracious reader, so I made it for her. This cute, nerdy guy works up fast and is super easy. Since I was brand new when I made him, my wavy tail isn’t perfect, but that gives him personality!

nerdy bookworm free amigurumi pattern

This nerdy guy is ready to mark your books or just hang out. Get the pattern here.

2. Amigurumi Octopus by Atari-Liis Lille

I picked this octopus crochet amigurumi pattern free because it is made mostly in one piece, and there is an option to embroider the eyes. Neo-natal units in hospitals love to get these to put in with the premature babies. The babies like to grasp the tentacles keeping them from grabbing onto any wires. If you plan on making this adorable stuffie to donate, be sure to call the hospital and ask about their specific requirements on size, type of yarn, etc.

free amigurumi octopus pattern

Aren't these sleepy little octopi precious? I bet those are words you never thought you'd hear. Get the pattern here.

3. Little Caterpillar by Chie Powles

While on the subject of babies, this next project would be perfect for the littles in your life. This precious toy only uses the single stitch, so it is ideal for beginners. You could make this in any combination of favorite colors or colors to match a nursery.

free little caterpillar amigurumi pattern

Imagine the color combinations you could create for this little guy! Click this link for the pattern.

4. Little Flower by Anastasia Kirs

I made an audible “aww” when I saw this little flower. There is so much character in that tiny face. It is cute in a little pot or just on its own. I love this to put on a windowsill or make for a co-worker’s desk.

little flower crochet project

This is one of those little things that you just love immediately. It's so personable! Get the free amigurumi pattern here.

5. Cactus Bunny by I Crochet Things

What is cuter than a little cactus or a little bunny? A small cactus that is a bunny, of course! The little paws sticking out of the pot are just too cute for words. She would be cute next to your little flower on the windowsill.

crochet cactus bunny amigurumi pattern free

An adorable bunny cactus in a pot? What's not to love? Get the pattern here.

6. Walter The Wolf by Jess Huff

I recently finished this crochet amigurumi free pattern as part of a Christmas gift for my grand nieces. Now I am working on three little pigs to go with it. I used Bernat Blanket Yarn because it is so cuddly. The gauge is bigger, so my wolf came out huge. More to love, right?

walter wolf crochet pattern

Walter is one fine-looking Wolf. A very good boy! Click here for the pattern.

7. Sleepy Fox by Eserehtanin

This little guy made me squeal because it is so cute! I love foxes. Here in northern Massachusetts, we have one wander through our yard every once in a while. I love the embroidered eyes. You could do this in white, cream, and grey to make an arctic fox. He would also be a candidate for using a soft, larger gauge yarn to make him really big and cuddly!

sleepy fox free amigurumi

Look at those cute feet! Charming! Click here for the pattern.

8. Little Bigfoot Moose by Sharon Ocala

This link is a two-for-one. The small, Little Bigfoot Moose and larger, Art the Moose are both so charming. I picked these because the moose is the official animal of Maine. My family loves to visit Maine to ski, camp, and just enjoy the great outdoors. For this pattern, I imagine making the outfit in Christmas colors or adding some holiday details for a cute decoration.

free moose amigurumi project

Very cute, and a 2-in-1 pattern pack! Get the link here.

9. Snuggles the Penguin by Stephanie Jessica Lau

With colder weather on the way, this darling penguin knows how to keep warm. Don’t you love the snowball detail? This cutie would be another great addition to your holiday or winter decor.

snuggles penguin crochet pattern

Everyone knows someone who loves penguins! Perfect for gifting! Click here for the link.

10. Orbit the Dragon by Projectarian

What I love most about this dragon are the endless color combinations you could design. I can see him in a blue and purple magical mix or a traditional green. You can also purchase an expansion pack of free crochet patterns amigurumi to add open eyes, wings, and other details for a small fee.

dragon amigurumi crochet pattern free

What a sweet baby dragon! Your color choices ensure he fits in every room and every heart! Click here for the pattern.

11. Audrey Doll by Neogurumi

I have wanted to try a doll, and this one is definitely on my list. The free amigurumi pattern is for just the doll base and hair. The body is all one piece, which I love because there is no attaching arms and legs. You can purchase add-on patterns for clothing and different hair. The little button nose reminds me of my daughter and is so cute!

audrey doll free amigurumi project

I adore this little girl! Imagine making one look just like your own daughter! Click here for the pattern.

12. Boba Milk Tea Amigurumi Pattern by ChiWei

I don’t know if the boba tea craze has hit where you are, but it is getting trendy here. This creamy tea is sweet and has little boba beads that are like a chewy candy. This pattern is easy to follow and has some great photos to guide you.

bubble tea amigurumi pattern free

This would look so cute on the office desk of your favorite boba tea-lover, wouldn't it? Click here for the pattern.

13. Fatso Peanut Butter and Banana by Jackie at Amidorable Crochet

Keeping with the food theme, these are the cutest amigurumi snacks. I love the tiny face details. This website has a lot of other food patterns. You could make a whole play grocery store or just a few decorations for your kitchen.

fatso peanut butter banana amigurumi pattern free

Ok – TOO cute! And delicious. Warning, you'll find so many other adorable edibles at her site! Click here for the patterns.

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