All about crochet patterns from Happily Hooked

Happily Hooked is more than a digital magazine. It's a membership to the happiest, most supportive community on earth. And Happily Hooked teaches you how to read crochet patterns that are selected, formatted, tested, tested, and tested again with one goal: To help you create projects that make you happy.

Happily Hooked Members have access to a minimum of 18 (usually more) new patterns each and every month between the two digital magazines. Yearly members enjoy over 215 patterns each year. Lifetime Members, known as VIPeeps, have digital access to OVER 1,750 patterns — so far. That's thanks to our online archives and the fact that we've been around since 2014.

So, let me tell you what makes Happily Hooked's patterns so great …

A Crochet Pattern for Everyone

When I started writing this article, I wanted to try to tell you what type of patterns we had — to try to group them into a few simple categories. But, the truth is, we have a crochet pattern for everyone. For crocheters of every level and for every type of project.

I thought, “Do we have more of a particular style than another?” or “Do we concentrate on a specific type of pattern?” but the answer is, “No, not really!” Our designers create patterns for all skill levels and for all purposes. It's amazing and it's what we try to do every month.

So, let me describe what we do at Happily Hooked and what we have that can help you.

The Four Skill Levels

When we talk about skills, we basically break them up into four different levels:

    • Beginners
    • Easy
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced

Although these levels are generally accepted across the community, they aren't hard and fast rules about what you can or have to crochet. We recommend that our Members try the patterns they like, with a few helpful hints that will make sense for anyone. These hints are:

    • Go slowly
    • Read the notes at the beginning of the pattern thoroughly
    • Count your stitches carefully and often
    • Use stitch markers
    • Read the entire crochet pattern before you start
    • Go slowly (it's worth repeating)

Next, let's talk about each skill level in more detail.

Patterns for Beginners

Many of us have a reason we start crocheting. For instance, we know someone is having a baby, and we want to learn how to crochet a baby blanket or a toy. Or for many others, our mother or grandmother, or other family member teaches us some basic stitches and we want to learn more.

While we're in the beginning phase, we need simple designs. Happily Hooked's patterns are easy to understand and follow. These patterns also create impressive and satisfying projects, so even a beginning crocheter feels accomplished.

Peek-A-Boo Elephant crochet pattern

An adorable Beginner-level routine that many of our Members loved appeared in Happily Hooked issue #92 (November 2021). The Peek-A-Boo Elephant by Cora Carriere is small, cute, cuddly, and perfect for a new crocheter. It uses #4 worsted weight yarn and a US size G/6 (4.0mm) hook to create a small, cute, and cuddly toy elephant.

Keep Calm and Cozy Hat and Scarf crochet pattern

Our Keep Calm and Cozy Beanie & Scarf set by Shelly Diaz in Happily Hooked issue #57 (December 2018) is also a beginner-level pattern. Using soft and bulky yarn, crocheters can create an expensive-looking, cozy hat and scarf worthy of gifting to a loved one. But I would keep it for myself!

Patterns that are rated for Beginners use basic stitches and require little or no shaping.

Easy Patterns

Next, taking a step up from the Beginner level is the Easy-rated designs.

Octopus Snuggles by Jackie Smith

One of our Members' favorite patterns is the Octopus Snuggles by Jackie Smith from the February 2020 (#65) issue of Pattern Pack Pro. It's rated Easy and is perfect for someone getting familiar with the art of crochet. This pattern has been around for over 2 years and our Members still make this toy by the dozen for friends, relatives, and even children in need.

One of our Members recently made 50 Octopus Snuggles for her church's charity. (A perfect example of how wonderful our Members' community is!) Although the pattern is rated Easy, it's really suitable for any level crocheter and produces a creation that anyone can be proud to make.

Sweet Stripes Sunhat crochet pattern by Lisa Fox

Members also love our Sweet Stripes Sunhat pattern by Lisa Fox in Happily Hooked issue #86 (May 2021). This hat calls for worsted weight cotton yarn to give it stability and shape. Whether they made this adorable hat for babies, children, teens, or adults, it seemed like everyone was making this hat in every color.

Tonks Hoodie crochet pattern by Evelyn Burttram

The same can be said about the wonderful Tonks Hoodie pattern by Evelyn Burttram from Happily Hooked #90 (Sept 2021). It worked up quickly and soon, everyone was proudly showing off a beautiful hoodie for the fall season! The hoodie used a great #6 super bulky weight yarn and a US size P/Q (15-16mm) hook. It was great fun to create something you can wear in so little time!

Patterns that are rated Easy will be repetitive and may require some shaping and color changes.

By the way, if you need help reading crochet patterns, check out our YouTube channel! We've got a great video:

Patterns for Intermediate Crocheters

Although they don't know it, most crocheters would probably fall into the Intermediate skill range. Crocheters tend to underrate their abilities but Intermediate patterns are not as difficult as they may believe.

The qualities that make a pattern qualify as intermediate are an increased variety of stitches and color design complexity. So, as long as a crocheter knows, or can learn a few more stitches and understand how to change yarn colors, all patterns qualifying as Intermediate are possible!

Some of our Members' favorite patterns are Intermediate level. So, of course, they have tons of fun making them!

Rainbow Starlight Blanket crochet pattern by Krisztina Anna Matejcazk-Edamer

The Rainbow Starlight Blanket pattern by Krisztina Anna Matejcazk-Edamer from Happily Hooked #82 (January 2021) may be our most popular design ever. Hundreds of our Happily Hooked Members made and shared pictures of their blankets with us in our Members' Community and continue to do so. The color combinations are endless and amazing.

Sweet Popcorn Wall Hanging by Blazenka Simic-Boro

Another stunning Intermediate designs is the Sweet Popcorn Wall Hanging by Blazenka Simic-Boro from the June 2018 issue (#45) of Pattern Pack Pro. This design features plenty of texture and was a huge hit with Members. Originally featured in white, many members chose different single colors or even multiple colorways for this project. The results were awesome. 🙂

Originally designed in #4 worsted weight yarn, this design could be made in other yarn weights, such as thread, DK weight, or even bulky weight and used in so many other ways. Imagine it as a floor rug, or as a set of coasters. The possibilities are endless.

Even More Intermediate Level

Our Members really love our Intermediate-level patterns, so here are a few more I can't resist showing off.

Sweet Bean Wine Collection by Fallon McNaughton

When we published a Last-Minute Gifts issue, Members loved the Intermediate-rated Sweet Bean Wine Collection by Fallon McNaughton. It appeared in the November 2020 Pattern Pack Pro (issue #74). This routine set is perfect for anyone who drinks wine. And it was even more perfect when paired with a bottle of wine for that special gift. Members continue to make this wonderful trio when they a quick gift.

Perfectly Chic Beanie by Fallon McNaughton

Another one of Fallon McNaughton's designs, The Perfectly Chic Beanie from Happily Hooked issue #70 (January 2020), may be my favorite hat pattern ever. It is also an Intermediate pattern and works up great in so many different yarns. I've probably made at least 10 hats in this design, and every time I post a picture, there is a flurry of Members who make it again.

Ridley Pet Bed by Hillary Thompson

We don't forget about our pets, either when we talk about Happily Hooked designs. For instance, there's the fan-favorite Ridley Pet Bed by Hillary Thompson in the May 2020 issue of Pattern Pack Pro (#68). The design is rated Intermediate but it has stitches that advanced Beginners should definitely give a try. Versions for both cats and dogs are available.

Intermediate patterns include a wider variety of stitches and more complex color designs.

Advanced Patterns

When crocheters are looking for a design to challenge their skills, Happily Hooked has them covered! And we help support you move from intermediate to advanced with our amazing community of Members and staff who are ready to answer questions and celebrate success. Here are some of our favorite patterns in the Advanced skill-level category.

Tropical Toucan Blanket by Claire Goodale

The Tropical Toucan Blanket by Claire Goodale from Happily Hooked #71 (February 2020) is a stunning Advanced-level pattern. The corner-to-corner (C2C crocheting) technique is a Member favorite and the finished project is a work of art. This blanket uses #4 worsted weight yarn and the colors are amazing. It appeared in our Spring Break issue. This would make a perfect gift for anyone with a tropical-themed room or for a bird lover!

Sitara Doily by Inas Fadil Basymeleh

Members hooked on mandalas appreciated the Sitara Doily by Inas Fadil Basymeleh in Happily Hooked #92 (November 2021). Mandalas are typically considered therapeutic because of their repetitive nature and this one fills the bill, even with its Advanced nature. This beautiful mandala is stunning in one color, but many crocheters added more shades into the mix. The results were amazing.

And more yet

It seems that our Happily Hooked crowd is willing to take on a challenge and we're happy to provide it! We have a few more great Advanced patterns that we really love to show off.

Cabled Peplum Tee by Michelle Ferguson

Advanced-level patterns often lend themselves to intricate designs, like our Cabled Peplum Tee by Michelle Ferguson in the August 2019 Pattern Pack Pro (#569). It's a perfect example of when a bit of extra know-how can produce an exquisite wearable.

By the way, when you have the happiest place on earth for crocheters, you also have one of the most inclusive places. That means that your patterns are inclusive for all sizes, too. We love that our wearables are sized to fit as many body sizes and shapes as possible. This one has pattern counts for XS through 2X.

Chakra Yoga Bag by Louise Gill

Another great design with Advanced level patterning is the Chakra Yoga Bag by Louise Gill. It's in the May 2021 issue of Pattern Pack Pro (#80) and Members love the colorful motifs that make up the shapely bag. With all of the various stitch patterns and intricate designs, it's no wonder this pattern falls into the Advanced level. But, as you can see from the picture, if you take it motif by motif, it's certainly manageable.

Advanced patterns will have intricate stitch sequences, advanced shaping techniques, and/or numerous color changes.

Our Members and Our Designs

When we release our patterns, we regularly hear praise from our Members. That's because our designs go through a rigorous testing process — a triple-testing process.

That means that our patterns are tested by multiple people on our testers team at three different stages before we publish the patterns in our magazines. We work hard to make them as error-free as possible. Additionally, we use a format that is easy to understand, consistent, and dependable.

Oh! And a little secret…some of the best crochet hooks that you can have are the ones that are passed down by your loved ones.

Here are a few things we've heard from our customers:

I pick up the other mags and see one thing I MIGHT want to make in them. In Happily Hooked magazine, I usually want to make close to all or ALL of the patterns.” -A.B.

I love the diversity of patterns and skill levels.” -T.P.

I like that the patterns are all so different and for every level of crocheter. And the community is awesome and so encouraging!” -K.H.

I love the availability and the fact that there are so many different patterns. They are written so clear and concise that they're easy to follow.” -J.M.

I love that there is a mix of interesting patterns that are fun, maybe a bit challenging and doable in a short period of time.” -A.A.

Modern patterns! There are patterns in each issue that I would actually make – sometimes it ain't easy being a younger crocheter who likes trendier items.” E.J.

I really appreciate the variety of patterns, as well as the fact that they are thoroughly tested.” C.S.

Social proof

And they go on and on. We have pages of customer compliments about our patterns, which you can find on our Customer Testimonial page by clicking here. Most of them come from our fabulous Members' Community on Facebook, which is just part of the happiest place on earth for crocheters.

Try A Free Design

If you haven't tried a Happily Hooked pattern, you should find out what you're missing. After all, our Members often tell us that they love our patterns so much that they compare all others to ours. We sometimes hear that they have patterns from other places but are frustrated because of mistakes or poor pattern writing. We've happily spoiled them. 🙂

Hippie Love Bag by Rachel Misner

We're proud to share one of our Member favorites — the Hippie Love Bag by Rachel Misner. This slouchy market bag is a perennial choice and Members make it again and again for themselves and to give to friends and family. It requires worsted weight cotton yarn, but you can substitute acrylic if you don't need the durability that cotton provides for market use.

To receive the Hippie Love Bag pattern for FREE, follow these directions:

    1. On mobile scroll to the very bottom of this post, if you're using a computer, look in the sidebar on the right of this post.
    2. Look for the form “Get Hooked on Happy.”
    3. Fill in your name and email address and click the button.

We'll send the FREE Hippie Love Bag pattern in PDF format to the email address you entered.

Once you try it, we're sure you'll find Happily Hooked's patterns to be everything we've promised. And we know you'll love how easy it is to understand the pattern instructions.

Better Patterns = Happier Members

On our way to creating the happiest place on earth for crocheters, we found that we needed to create the best patterns. After all, you can't craft without great patterns!

In every issue of Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro, our readers find easy-to-understand, triple-tested patterns. These patterns help them create projects that actually look like the pictures we show.

When Members need support, they can turn to our fabulous community in addition to our dedicated Happily Hooked support team. Members love to share their tips and suggestions, as well as pictures of their finished projects.

Some of the most popular patterns will have dozens and dozens of Member photos showing the pattern as created by each of them. The most popular patterns have crocheters of all skill levels working together as Beginner- and Easy-level crocheters get any help they need from Advanced- and Intermediate-level Members. The amount of support and positivity between Members is unparalleled.

Because Happily Hooked magazines and the community is so popular, we currently have over 20K happy Members. About half of those Members are yearly Members, renewing their subscriptions each year. The other half are what we call Lifetime Members, or VIPeeps. These VIP Members have access to all the newest issues each month, just like yearly Members do. In addition, Lifetime Members have access to every issue in our archives, too.

VIP Members also have plenty of perks, including special on-demand video courses, sneak peeks at upcoming issue covers, additional patterns, and a discount at our Happily Hooked store.

All Members, yearly or Lifetime, have access to the best patterns we can offer, and they are just a part of a Happily Hooked membership.

Have you ever thought about writing your own pattern, but you aren't sure how? Check out this video on our YouTube channel:



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