We're a scrappy band at Happily Hooked magazine — well, more like a weird family — of enthusiasts mixed with a few business-minded siblings. Our common goal is to create the happiest place on earth for creatives.

Our magazine is fully digital. I should say magazines, plural, as in two of them: Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro. We're also the best community on planet earth. (I'll catch you outside if you try to tell me any different.) So, let me tell you all about us.

The Magazine Origin Story

Matthew and Allison Lutz started Happily Hooked in April 2014. Allison was the first editor and her husband, Matt, tackled the business side. Long story short, time passed, and things changed. Today, Managing Director Dennis Crosby leads our staff, and Courtney Knorr is our Creative Editor.

We published our 100th issue of Happily Hooked Magazine in July 2022, and the celebration was off the hook! (Or ON the hook, actually!) Pattern Pack Pro published 97 issues and now resides in our archives for our Lifetime members only. Creating our flagship magazine each month is hard work, but it's a labor of love. Okay, let's admit it — publishing a crochet magazine is an obsession!

Between the Magazine Covers

Happily Hooked (HHM) has evolved into an amazing magazine. Every issue impresses, and we deliver the best patterns and content.

Happily Hooked now features at least 12 patterns in every single issue. So, subscribers can expect a minimum of about 150 per year! EACH YEAR! That's almost ridiculous. Almost. I say “almost” because we know that deep down, every crocheter is also “a little bit” of a pattern hoarder.

Our patterns come from designers worldwide from all walks of life. But, the patterns all have one thing in common — they are in Happily Hooked's easy-to-follow format. Oh, I guess they have two things in common! We also have a group of creatives and test them repeatedly to ensure they are as error-free as possible.

Happily Hooked magazines feature some of our Members' favorite yearly themes. For instance, each March, we publish our stashbusting issue of HHM.

Happily Hooked crochet magazine Members say great things about us

Not Just Customers — Peers

We're dedicated to Happily Hooked because most of us were Members at one time. We are artists, and we love patterns. So, we know what it's like to be on “the other side.” That drives us to produce the best magazines we can and create a crochet community that supports its Members.

It's also why we meet up with our Members in our Live Events online. We get together via Zoom to discuss the latest magazine issues and answer Members' questions.

Our Members always greet us with enthusiasm and support. They write us favorable reviews like, “You guys truly are all the best!! I am so happy I became a lifetime member last year. The Facebook group and the emails always bring brightness to my day!” or “Just finished going through May’s issue. What a FABULOUS ISSUE!!! Loved every page of it. Thanks so much & keep up the GREAT work!”

It's not often that someone can say that they love what they do. But it's also not often that you get to work at a magazine company. Don't get me wrong — the work remains work. So, we put in the hours, and we are tired at the end of the day. But it's worth it, and we love it, and we love our Members.

Magazine Subscription or Membership

Happily Hooked magazine is just a part of what makes up a subscription. However, if our flagship magazine were all you got, it would be a fantastic deal with at least 12 great theme-inspired patterns each month.

Plus, every issue has tons of terrific articles about everything from the healing benefits of yarn reviews to techniques, tips, and tricks.

Of course, we also love to include valuable information, past pattern collections, and more to round out the issue.

But There's More

Our magazines are accessible on our Happily Hooked website, which also houses our Members-only library. We love to surprise our Members with supplemental patterns and introduce new downloadable content. We often update our collection of instructional videos and reference materials.

Our magazines also feature Member-submitted photos of projects. Members post those photos on Facebook in our Members' Community.

Live events at Happily Hooked make it more than just a subscription

There's Still More

The Members' Community is another part of a Happily Hooked subscription and one of the best places on the internet for crochet lovers. Why? Because the Members' Community is chock full of supportive, caring, and Happily Hooked lovers. And, it's only for Members.

If all that wasn't enough, we've introduced Live Events so we (the staff) could also get together with Happily Hooked Members online and talk about yarn, crochet, patterns and everything else. Live Events are a Members-only perk and just another benefit of a Happily Hooked magazine subscription.

Okay, It's a Membership

So, when you sign up for a subscription to Happily Hooked, you get a membership to our vast universe instead. And that's a very good thing.

The Happily Hooked Chain Gang

Happily Hooked has evolved from a magazine to much more over the years. It's always included a fabulous digital magazine full of amazing patterns, but it's so much more now.

Every subscription includes our digital magazine monthly, with about 150 new patterns every year. And that's just for starters. Our Members can find the digital magazines on our website in a personal library that also holds bonus patterns, stitch tutorials, instructional videos, fantastic reference guides, and great printables.

Don't forget our YouTube channel, which is free for the general public! You'll find tons of great content, like this helpful video about winding yarn!

Additionally, our Members have the best community on earth to share projects, learn about the latest happenings at Happily Hooked, and get help and support from other Members. And if that isn't enough, they can even gather together at weekly Live Events to visit with us.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but our vision here is to create the happiest place on earth for yarn artists. And our mission is to provide the most patterns for all skill levels while supporting and celebrating every individual along the way. I think we're doing a pretty good job, and so do over 20K who are current Happily Hooked Members!