Lee-Anne Sartori

Are Crochet Hooks Allowed on Planes?

It’s time to travel!! But are your crochet hooks allowed on planes? We’ll help you answer this much asked question!!


plastic or metal

The question about whether you can bring crochet on a plane is best answered by breaking down what you can and cannot bring on a plane. Can you bring metal crochet hooks? Generally, the answer is YES. Can you bring plastic? Yes. I have travelled all across Canada and the US, and this year to Japan, and I was able to bring my plastic hooks on a wide variety of flights and airlines! Hooray! And several of our staff traveled recently with their metal hooks in tow.



Does hook size matter

Hook size is a tricky question. Most crochet hooks are good to go! If you’re really worried about bringing metal hooks, you may need to leave your lace crochet at home for this trip because the plastic hooks don’t usually come in the tiny sizes.  As far as how big the hooks can be, you should be good to go with any of the large sizes! Metal, or plastic, most hooks should be just fine to fly.




Are scissors allowed on planes? The answer is usually yes! If you can find a pair of small scissors to bring, you can usually get them aboard. You can also find really safe plastic scissors that pose no threat.
There are alternatives however! Clover Brand offers a very cool piece of jewelry that cuts yarn! -get the Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant here! Keep in mind, that these pendants may not be allowed on all flights! We’ve had input from readers that these pendants will be taken away as they have a razor in the center.

clover yarn cutter pendant

Another alternative would be nail clippers (though mine *almost* got taken away in Japan after much scrutiny).



You can bring all of the things mentioned above as safe with you in your carry-on! Great news! But if you’re bringing along some of your metal hooks, scissors, needles, it is best to pack them in your stowed luggage.


Happy flying, have a great trip!


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