These Wooden Crochet Hooks are Straight Up Magical!

These Wooden Crochet Hooks from the Happy Crochet Hooks Shop are my absolute favorite hooks to use. They are lightweight, comfortable, and best of all they look like they belong in the Wizarding World. But if these hooks were the property of some of our favorite Harry Potter characters, who would the owners be? Take a look, you may find you need one of these wands… I mean hooks, in your life!


1). The African Sahara Hook:
This hook is polished, and smart. But the detail! The warmth and detail found in the African Sahara hook make it the perfect choice for the brainy Gryffindor Herminone Granger.

2). The Cotton Candy Hook:
This hook just screams Professor Trelawney. It’s shape would remind her of the curves of her crystal ball. The colors would challenger her to find secret meanings within the rings themselves. Oh the prophesies to be made!


3). The Fabulous Fuchsia Hook:
Luna Lovegood is not one to shy away from colors that inspire her creativity. Her radish earrings, her fabulous glasses, and her whimsical style make this hook a perfect pairing.


4). The Rustic Rock Hook:
I have to say, out of all of the hooks in the shop, this hook seems to be the best fit to the character. This Rustic Rock Hook just screams Dumbledore. The color, the shape, everything about it. Dumbledore was enigmatic, fanciful, and bold. Try not to think of him while you crochet with Rustic Rock.

5). The Sandrock Mountain Hook:My first wooden hook purchase from the Happy Crochet Hooks Shop was this hook. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s the most comfortable hook I’ve ever had. I basically think it’s the star of the shop. And it would be Harry’s. It’s deep, and full of charm. If there is in fact a Phoenix Feather hiding at its core, I wouldn’t be surprised.


6). The Warm Walnut Hook:
This hook is smooth and polished, but powerful. The handle is the perfect shape, the tones are understated, but the Warm Walnut Hook is not to be passed over. Who would claim a hook like this? Ronald Wesley, the brave and faithful Gryffindor.


I can’t wait to add the rest of these hooks to my collection, who doesn’t love a bit of magic with their crochet?

Happy Crocheting!

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