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Why Do You Crochet?

You’re a crochet lover, a yarn addict who needs to stay away from yarn stores, so you don’t “feed your addiction.” I know because I’m one too. From the moment I picked up my first hook and bought my first skein of yarn, I’ve been hooked.
As you may know, I have a crochet business called Yarn Obsession. When I started, it was because I wanted desperately to stay home with my babies but still contribute to household expenses. Now, it’s because I want to make a difference in the world.
My babies are in school, and I’m working a J-O-B again, but I still want to work with my yarn. I’m going to tell you a little secret: what you do with your yarn makes the world a better place. That’s the point. How? Well, let’s take a look at a few ways.

Stay-at-Home Moms

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Many of us need or choose to stay at home with our babies as they grow up. There is a multitude of reasons, and each is important in its own right.
Along the way, I’ve met moms, just like me, wanting to make ends meet by using their crochet skills. That makes the world a great place. A place where moms use whatever means they can to provide for their families and create in the process.
The point here is that whatever your focus for your crochet, using it to provide for your family is important and beautiful.


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Did you know that crochet helps keep you healthy? Did you know it sometimes works as meditation or prayer time, making you calmer? Well, it does.
Crochet helps with several physical ailments because it helps to calm the body and mind. That’s good for you and those around you.
Releasing your stress, reducing your blood pressure, and giving you quiet, contemplative time, these are all good things.
The point here is when you’re better, the world around you is better, which in turn translates to the world at large.


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Have you ever watched a science fiction movie and looked at the set? Do you notice how, in the future, things always seem to be uniform, bland, and devoid of artistry?
Although I love a good sci-fi movie, I hope we never get to the place where artistry is dead. The artistry in crochet is amazing.
You take a hook, some yarn, and create a series of loops that become amazing art. From intricate doilies to high fashion dresses, there is artistry in every piece of crochet.
The point here is that artistry makes the world a colorful and beautiful place, we cannot forget that.


If you work with yarn, you’ve done it for charity. Whether that charity was friends, family, or a non-profit, you’ve created amazing things and given them away from the heart.
That is worth the time and effort — that is beautiful — that is important. For all the scarves, hats, and gloves given away to a worthy cause, there are always more needed.
Creating from the heart as you do, makes the donated items that much more special.

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The point here is that making the world a better place begins with caring and giving of your time and talent for the betterment of others.


Last, but never least is teaching. Surely you’ve taught someone else how to crochet. Whether you did it in a class or for a friend, you’ve shared your gift.
Passing along the love of the artistry that is crochet is so important. We go back to the question, how would this world be without artistry?
Taking the time to teach someone a skill that will help them relieve stress, make money, give to charities, and teach another, that is the point.


So, what’s the point? The point is, you’ve been given a gift, use it, give it away, and multiply it, but never lose it. The point is to keep doing what you do where you are. No matter what your reason is, it’s important and so special. You are a skilled craftsman/woman. Never take what you can do for granted and never question what the point is.


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I've been crocheting since my mother taught me as a little girl. I'm lucky to be working with Happily Hooked and I can't wait to share everything yarny and hooky with you! Yarn over, peeps! Yarn over!

Margaret Kavanagh

I've been crocheting since my mother taught me as a little girl. I'm lucky to be working with Happily Hooked and I can't wait to share everything yarny and hooky with you! Yarn over, peeps! Yarn over!

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