Unusual Gifts – These Won’t Get Stuffed In The Closet

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Hats are nice. They really are! But they're the first gift everyone expects from a crafter (unless it's a blanket). Yarn art is the beginning of so many wonderful things. It's time to show off your skills and whip up a few of these really unusual gifts for those deserving people on your list.

Have some fun and check out these cool gifts that aren't just another hat! You'll have everyone talking, but careful, or you'll have more “requests” for items than you can handle!


Now, we know the holidays are right around the corner, and our staffer Emily thought it would be really cool to offer our members some FREE printable gift tags (scroll all the way down for details) that you can attach to all of your holiday gifts. Let me just say, they are ADORABLE, Emily did a great job making them. You can download yours, and check out these unusual gifts while they print! Enjoy!

Gift 1: The Yarn Ball Stress Reliever by Blackstone Designs 

yarn ball crochet pattern

Relieve the cramps from your hands or just squeeze off some steam with this yarn ball stress reliever. The inside is filled with a handmade stress ball, but you could simply stuff it and get nearly the same effect. Get the pattern here!


Gift 2: The Summer Mix Tape Pillow by CoCo Crochet Lee

crochet pattern summer mix tapeHow fun is this pillow?! Any child of the '90s (or any retro kid) would be thrilled to give it a cuddle! This unique pattern originally appeared in Happily Hooked Magazine, Issue #27 (June 2016). Click here for the pattern.


Gift 3: Flakey the Snowman Basket by Knot 2 Sassy 

unusual crochet gift pattern snowman basket
A cute basket that can be used for light storage or just as a decoration! How fun would it be to put treats in this? Click here for the pattern. Tracee is a member of the Happily Hooked customer service staff. In recent issues, She has also shared Jack O'Lantern and Santa Belly baskets.


Gift 4: Counting Sheep Mask by Blackstone Designs

crochet patterns sheep sleeping maskCatch some Zzz’s in style with this whimsical sleep mask! How cute would this be for an unusual stocking stuffer! Grab the pattern here. We originally featured this mask in The Pattern Pack, Issue #08, May 2015.divider

Gift 5: Rockskipper Wristers by Sweet Potato Crochet Creations

crochet pattern rockskipper wristersThese gloves are a breeze to work up and have a pretty lacy stitch making them great for gifting! Get the pattern here.


Gift 6: The Pencil Scarf by Danyel Pink Designs 

crochet gift pattern pencil scarfHow cute! It’s a scarf that looks like a pencil! It is an easy pattern, and makes a great gift for teachers, students, or anyone that loves office supplies! Get the pattern here.
We first featured this gift pattern in Happily Hooked Magazine, Issue #5 (August 2014).


Gift 7: The Cat Nap Sleep Mask by Blackstone Designs

cat sleep mask crochet patternIf counting sheep isn't your style, maybe this cozy cat is! Super cute and unique! Pick your color combo to match your gift recipient's kitty and it's a sure hit. Go here for the pattern.


Gift 8: The Emma-Noel Mermaid Tail by CoCo Crochet Lee

crochet gift pattern mermaid tail
A mermaid tail is definitely a hit with family and friends! And this one is beautiful! Sweet dreams! Click here to go to the pattern.

Gift 9: Winter Waves Coffee and Ice Cream Mitt by A Crocheted Simplicity 

crochet gift pattern ice cream coffee mitt
Not only is it great for coffee mugs, but it also does a great job at keeping your hand warm when eating your favorite pint of ice cream (something I can use it for until next soccer season). YES! Grab the pattern here.

strings of yarn

I hope you enjoyed these unusual gifts to make, and plan on creating a few of them yourself! In case you missed them, we made these great free gift tags for our Happily Hooked Members to download and add to all of your presents this year!

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Happy Crocheting!


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