Tunisian Mastery: Is it worth it?

Hi friends and happy Tuesday! Today I am so excited to share with you a bit about one of my favorite master classes, Tunisian Mastery. I have been crocheting for over 20 years now and I have tried my hand at knitting more times than I care to admit all with little to no success. That was, until I tried Tunisian. To me, Tunisian is the best wait to achieve that beautiful knit look, without tangling myself up in yarn and stabbing my finger 900 times with a needle.

Tunisian is a pretty new technique to the maker community. There are plenty of benefits from learning this craft, but one of the most prominent ones is it creates a woven like fabric that is fantastic for warmer makes. It also builds on techniques you already have with normal crocheting and allows you a bit more freedom when working with color-work. Plus, learning Tunisian crochet, or a new craft in general, has been shown to improve memory and fight dementia! As someone who has had dementia run pretty hard through her family, I will try anything to help prevent that.

In the Tunisian Mastery class, Toni breaks down the steps to learning this craft in such detail I never once felt overwhelmed. She goes also through every single thing you could possibly need to learn this magical technique. The way she breaks down each step, from finding the best set of hooks for you to the yarns you should practice with helps beginners and experienced yarn artists so immensely. My favorite part about Tunisian is you really don’t have to get anything different than what is already in your stash to test it out and see if it's something you want to pursue before making a purchase! 

Toni also teaches you how to find and read the Tunisian patterns, which can also help you build your skills for normal crochet! The books she showcases (like the one in the photo above, thanks Toni!) that helps teach you more in depth projects for when you become obsessed like we all have. Learning the new lingo for Tunisian is a bit different than the stitches we use in regular crochet and she does a magical job at breaking that down as well. 

All in all, learning how to do a Tunisian has helped me immensely expand my knowledge of this craft we all love so dearly, and learning with Toni was so simple I still can't believe it was that easy. I knew I wanted to learn something new, but the thought of purchasing more supplies for an entirely different craft was scary and super unnecessary, I mean I already have more yarn than I can probably use in a lifetime, do I really need to add a sewing machine to the mix? With Tunisian I can still use my favorite yarns, purchase a set of Tunisian hooks, there are so many price ranges you can choose from, and off I go! 

So if you haven't already, make sure you are signed up for the Mastery Course HERE and comment below with what you want to make first! We have some amazing Tunisian patterns in the magazine and this issue has the cutest head wrap I have ever seen! Make sure you tag us in your makes and I can’t wait to see what you create first!


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