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January’s Top 3 New Crochet Patterns: Go Old-School with Vintage!

op 3 PPP vintage inspired crochet patterns January 2021

Moving forward in time doesn’t seem to be improving things 🙄, so we’ve gone back to old-school ways with this month’s Pattern Pack Pro theme: Vintage!

Whether you’re a child of the ’80s or ’90s from the era of Walkmans and boom boxes or a classic lady who enjoys wearing a handsome shawl at tea-time, we’ve got patterns for you!

Here are our top 3!

1. Retro Cassette Bag by Jessica Fishman

vintage inspired Cassette Tape crochet pattern

Jump back in time with this super fun colorwork bag. Bold, neon colors give this bag its old-school look — that and the fact that it looks like a cassette tape — remember when we had to wind them back up with a pencil when they got eaten by the player?

This bag is made with Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton yarn, an economical and easy-to-find choice. But you can use any worsted weight yarn. It’s rated as easy, but there is a special stitch — the modified single crochet in which you yarn under rather than over.

You’ll also be making color changes, and with this project, it’s probably best to carry your colors through. For more information on how to do that, see this video.

I want to make that crochet pattern

2. Naughty or Nice Shawl by Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz

Vintage Shawl crochet pattern

This close-woven, triangle shawl is perfect for people who enjoy working with fine or sock weight yarn. Or people who just like making shawls. It’s easy enough for a beginner, but definitely a bigger project due to the size of the yarn.

The stitch design makes it possible to do faded color transitions, so feel free to experiment with your own color choices and pick vintage-inspired color combinations or go for a more modern vibe. Your choice!


I want to make that crochet pattern

3. Sunrise French Press Cozy by Pam Carr

Vintage French Press cozy pattern

If you’re looking for a quick make or a cute gift, this cozy is perfect. It’s made using #4 worsted weight yarn and the herringbone half double crochet stitch.

Modify the height to turn it into a coffee cup cozy. By the way, we have several cozy patterns in the January issue of Happily Hooked Magazine that would complement this French Press cozy.


I want to make that crochet pattern

These are just 3 of the 6 Vintage Crochet designs in the January 2021 issue of Pattern Pack Pro!

ppp cover January 2021 Vintage Crochet

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