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November’s Top 5 New Crochet Patterns — Totally Textured Crochet Designs!

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We have a new set of the top crochet patterns we've released this month! The Totally Textured issue of Happily Hooked Magazine is here to take your crochet game to the next level!

Part of the joy of crocheting is growing your skills. It can be intimidating at first, but when you unlock new techniques and stitches, a whole world of creative possibilities opens up. Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or a brave beginner ready to learn something new …

A sneak peek at 5 of the patterns inside our Totally Textured issue!

1. Kimberly Beanie by Debbie Richardson

top crochet pattern beanie nov 2020

This beautiful pattern is a classy update to a traditional beanie.

Use Lion Brand Heartland or any comfortable #4 weight yarn to make this exceptionally unique beanie. The knit-look is achieved using a special technique involving working in rows with slip-stitches in the back loop only.

If this sounds confusing, never fear, there are video tutorial links embedded IN the pattern to show you everything you need to know.

This beanie is sure to be a rewarding adventure for advanced-beginners and up! It's sure to make it into your list of top crochet patterns, too.

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2. Cotton Candy Waves Pillow by Jen Dettelbach

top crochet pattern pillow

These lux pillows are fabulous! You'll more than likely find yourself making more than just one.

Grab one ball of Ganxxet Cotton Candy (or your favorite #4 weight) yarn for this beautiful home decor pattern. The texture comes from the double crochet bolster stitch. No worries, a video link is included with the pattern.

Once you get the hang of the stitch, the rest is just pleasant repetition as you work up this quick and gorgeously textured pillow. You'll be making this pillow in dozens of colors so you'll want to keep it in your top crochet patterns list for a long time.

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3. Pruina Cable Cardigan by Bethany Pratt

top crochet patterns cardigan

Wow! This is one beautiful sweater! Imagine it in your favorite color …

Chunky sweaters are IN but don’t be deceived. This pattern is designed with #2 fine weight yarn (Harrisville Designs Flywheel yarn or something similar). The chunkiness and texture are all created by you and your stitch skills.

In this design, you’ll tackle cables and bobbles, and if that sounds intimidating, never fear! There are video tutorials in the design.

This sweater is going to take time, attention to detail, and crochet literacy. But when you finish it, people will be asking where you bought this gorgeous sweater and how much it cost. Seriously, it looks machine knit, doesn’t it? Kudos to Bethany on an exceptional design.

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4. Chic Chevron Scarf by Janet Pippin

top crochet pattern chevron scarf

The tassels on this scarf dress it up enough for a night out on the town!

This lovely twist on the chevron pattern makes use of the bean stitch for texture and uniqueness. The original design is made using Lion Brand ZZ twist, but any #4 weight yarn will work.

Though the design is rated intermediate, it’s approachable enough for beginners as long as you know the basic terminology. And don’t forget: If you’re a member of Happily Hooked and you have any questions about the pattern, our amazing Facebook members’ community will be there to help!

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5. Rose’s Autumn Shrug and Hat by Christine Norris

top crochet patterns shawl and hat

There's a little cutie out there who probably needs this duet!

This is one of those stunning designs that is deceptively approachable. Even the yarn is accessible — Caron Simply Soft or any #4 weight yarn. With Christmas coming up, can you picture a certain little someone in your life who would look just adorable in this?

The texture comes simply from the front and back post stitches. You can find stitch tutorials on the Happily Hooked YouTube channel, so advanced-beginners can approach this pattern with confidence. It definitely deserves its place in our top patterns list.
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>> And, if you'd like to see our list of top crochet patterns from last month, go here!

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