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shawtney challenge september 2019

Vocabulary you need to know before reading this post:

#shawtney — (always include the hashtag): a combination of the names Courtney and Shawna, the two editors of Happily Hooked Magazine.

Update! We've changed the hashtag to #shawtneychallenge! Don't miss out on the latest and greatest CALs!

What is the #Shawtney Challenge?

I’m glad you asked! It’s the best CAL on the Internet!

This mini-CAL happens once a month.

It’s super laid back.

It’s member-driven…but our staff crafts along with you!

Each month, Happily Hooked Members choose a pattern from the most recent issue of the magazine.

For September 2019, they chose the Spiral Hat and Mitts set by Janferie MacKintosh of The Crafty Therapist.

The Spiral Hat and Mitts Pattern

HHM members had a range of experiences with this pattern, but every one of them was positive:

I love these spiral sets! I finished 2&3/4 sets and two hats before the #ShawtneyChallenge even started.

~Gretchen S.

I entered the hat I made from this month’s magazine in our county fair! I received the blue ribbon! Thanks for the award winning pattern!

~Denise W.

Even when the pattern was a challenge…the product was well worth it:

Finished the spiral hat. Some difficulty making the pom pom feel stable. Does this look right? First time doing fpdc. I love that I always learn a new stitch or technique during these challenges.

~Janeen T.

#Shawtney challenge #7 complete

I’ve got to be honest. When I first looked at the pattern, and saw the skill level was intermediate… my heart sank. I was just thinking no way could I do this – I was bummed.

Boy! Was I wrong!

This was a well written, easy to follow pattern. I know we were all getting bound up with row 3…but the video was perfect for clearing up any confusion.

@janferie mackintosh – Thank you!!! You really gave my skill a confidence boost.

~Jeanne R.

Meet Janferie MacKintosh — The Crafty Therapist

I cannot say enough about the pattern designer. When she saw that some of our members were having difficulty with round 3 of the pattern…

Here’s what she did:

She’s been very active in our group — encouraging and helping and just bringing good energy to everyone!

Join the Challenge

The great thing about the monthly #shawtney challenge is that it gives us a no-stress way to start crocheting together and grow our skills.

There are no deadlines … so you can jump in today if you wanted.

And stay tuned for the next #Shawtney Challenge! Any Happily Hooked member can join in! Just visit our group on Facebook for all the details!



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