The Happily Hooked Big Boy Blanket

The Big Boy Blanket series was very popular on our blog 3 years ago… but at that time I didn't have any big boys in my family to make one for. Now though I have both a grandson AND a grand-nephew who will both love to have their very own Big Boy Blankets!
So, I thought I'd gather together all of those blog posts in one easy to find spot, and rather than just keep it to myself, share it again with you!
This blanket features twelve different 12 inch squares. The finished size of just the blocks works up to a rectangle about 36 inches wide by 48 inches long. A border is added at the end which then adds a couple more inches all the way around.
The instructions are provided in both graph form and in row-by-row written directions using just single stitches!
If you use the graph, you can use just about any stitch you want to, even going corner-to-corner (c2c) if you want to. For more information about reading graphs start with our blog post here: Reading Crochet Graphs
Click each picture below to head to the original blog post for the free instructions for each of the 12 blocks.
(OR, all the individual PDFs have been combined into one ebook which is available for purchase in our Ravelry shop here!)
After you have all 12 squares finished, I recommend making one row of singles in the same color around each block.
Then, join them together using your own favorite joining method. If you need help with ideas for that check out this blog post: 5 Ways to Attach Crochet Squares!
Finally, add a border around the whole thing. A few rows of single work very nicely for that, or use your own favorite border.

There is a FABulous finished product example by marinebiochic07 on etsy.
And another great finished blanket on Facebook here by Roxanna.
And one by Tabatha!
Here's Audrey's.
In progress by Nancy.

What do you think?