Stitch Marker Review

I have enough stitch markers to last me a lifetime (this isn’t even a third of my stash!). Why do I need so many? Different shapes and sizes have different uses. There are pros and cons to any kind of stitch marker so go ahead and get yourself one (at least!) of each kind and really who wants to be without a stitch marker when they really need one?

This photo shows different stitch markers with a locking clasp. Each of these markers includes a polymer clay design. I use these types of markers for assembling panels of a garment. I will also occasionally use these while working in the round to mark the first stitch of a round or to mark the right side/wrong side of a project. I can only use one of these at a time in a project because I find that these stitch markers add weight and can sometimes stretch fingering or sport weight yarn. I also recommend carefully inserting these through a stitch, because they can snag yarn. I purchased these from


If I need to mark several spots in a project at the same time, I always turn to my Clover locking stitch markers. They are lightweight so I can use several at one time and they have a nice dull edge so they never snag. The lock functions like that of a safety pin and locks securely when in place. These work wonderful for lightweight yarns. The one con is that if I need to mark the first stitch of every round, these slow me down a bit. Purchased from Joann’s Fabric and Craft Store.

If you are the type of person who has multiple WIPs going at any moment, a set of lettered stitch markers is a must. When you are ready to put away your project, simply mark it with the letter of the hook you used. When you return to that project, you will easily remember the needed hook and you’ll be able to pick right up where you left off. You don’t want to be put away your WIP and forget which hook it needs because that would be bad. Purchased from

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