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4 Unexpected Tips to Increase Your Sales!

4 crochet sales tips

No one wants to buy doilies.

Etsy takes too many fees.

Facebook? I gave that up for Lent and never looked back!

Excuses, am I right? 

I’m talking to myself, here, because those are just a few of the excuses I used to make for not following through with my dream of earning an income off of creativity.

However, when I started seeing more and more makers actually making real money, I finally had to stop blaming Etsy and Facebook and start looking at myself.

If you’re in the same boat, I can save you some time and painful self-reflection by giving you 4 tips to position yourself to actually make money from your craft!

Here are 4 tips for getting your hobby career off the ground!

Believe in the Possibility

Raise your hand if you love disappointment! 


I’m guessing nobody raises their hands for that. In fact, we fear things like disappointment and failure and embarrassment so much that we’ll go to great lengths to protect ourselves from them.

One way to save yourself from failing at a crafting career is not to try in the first place. 

You can easily convince yourself that the people who ARE making it have some sort of special ingredient for success that you can’t get. 

You may have yourself convinced that a crafting career simply isn’t possible for you.

Here’s tip #1: Believe in the possibility of achieving your goal.

Create a mantra for yourself. Something like: I am a successful business person.

Make a declaration. For example: I will earn $1000 per month from my orders by the end of the year.

Repeat these things every morning and every night. Write them on sticky notes and put them over the sink in the kitchen or on your bathroom mirror. 

Trust me…if you don’t FIRST believe in the possibility of making money, you won’t be able to conquer that fear of failure that’s separating you from a profitable crochet career. 

In fact, this may be the only thing you need to do to start earning!



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Recognize Your Worth

When I say “earn more money” here’s what I DON'T mean:

I don’t mean spending hours crocheting a bucket hat that you only sell for $15 (which might not even cover the cost of yarn).

I don’t mean making things for friends or family who then pay you in cookies and hugs (two amazing things everyone needs but won’t fund that new car you’ve been needing).

I don’t mean exhausting yourself chasing market trends and making things that don’t excite you just to barely break even.

What I do mean to make PROFIT?

You make amazing things. Your time is valuable. Your prices should reflect that.

People are always asking how to price things, but I think what they’re really asking is, “How do I hold my head up, look someone in the eye, and tell them what the price is without apologizing for it?”

Here’s tip #2: Just price it and stick to your guns. 

Chances are you don’t need someone telling you what your product is worth. You can find comparable things online or at craft fairs to give you an idea of the market. You know what your costs are and what the time is.

What you need to do is just set your price…and declare it. Don’t apologize for it. Don’t worry about someone not having enough money.

Just take the leap of faith and do it, because when you do, two things are going to happen:

  1. It will get easier. People will make faces and say, “Wow, you sure do value your things.” And you’ll say, “Yes, I value my time and my talent. Thank you for stopping by.” 
  2. You’ll find your market. There are nearly 8 billion people on this planet. I guarantee you that there is a market segment that is interested in your $125 mandala (true story). 

If you’ve ever stood lonely in a craft fair booth as passerby after passerby wanders through without making eye-contact…

Then it probably sounds pretty crazy to think that you’ll one day be able to proudly price your products and actually sell them.

If that’s your mindset, then that’s the thing that is standing in your way. 

Take a leap of faith and price your things for what they’re worth. Stick to it and remind yourself that you and your products are worth it! AND that there IS a market for your products and price points.


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Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge You

Everyone loves a yes-man. 

Actually, every EGO loves a yes-man. These yes-men are your mom or best friend or grandpa, anyone who is there to tell you how special you are and how talented and amazing you are.

These people are essential, and their unconditional love, and sometimes less-than-justifiable praise is a true gift.

HOWEVER — you have goals, right? You want to be bigger and better. Maybe you’re just coming into ownership of the desire to earn money. Maybe you’re realizing the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be.

You’ve begun believing in the possibility of making your vision happen…and now you’re still surrounded by people who are petting your hair and telling you how pretty you are.

Keep those people. But add some new people.

Here’s tip #3: Surround yourself with two kinds of individuals: ones who share your ambition, and ones who are already better than you at what you want to do.

I’m talking about crochet-preneurs. By surrounding yourself with other aspiring careerists, you’ll find energy, inspiration, motivation…and even practical ideas and collaborations.

By putting yourself in the path of people who are already doing what you want to do, you stand to benefit from their knowledge

They’ll have shortcuts you can take. They’ll know pitfalls for you to avoid. And much like the article you’re reading right now, they’ll be able to offer mindset advice so that you’re mentally and emotionally ABLE to create the career you want. 

Facebook groups abound with career conversations. Be discerning and make sure you’re choosing a group that is there to help elevate you…not hold you back.


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Keep The Recreation For Fun

Regardless of what people say to the contrary, you CAN have a hobby for a career and still have fun.

In fact, it’s necessary. 

If you’re crafting based on market trends, continually chasing that next dollar, you can quickly lose sight of why you wanted a crafting career to begin with.

Think about it. Did you one day say to yourself, “Hey, I’m going to learn to because I hear there’s big money in it!”

Or more likely, did you one day say to yourself, “I love it so much I wish I could afford to do it all the time.”

Usually, it’s the second one.

So here’s tip #4: 

Whether you separate your work from your fun or give yourself the weekends off to do whatever you want, just find a way to keep the joy alive.


For a lot of us, that means yarn shopping, treating ourselves to a designer hook now and then, trying out new patterns, etc.

Whatever keeps your energy and passion going…do it!


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Mindset is Most of the Battle

You’ll notice this article wasn’t about what to make that will sell, or how to price your products, or how to set up your craft fair booth.

You can easily find those resources on the Internet…or even within Happily Hooked (if you’re a member).

But practical selling tips won’t do you any good if you don’t believe in your vision, value yourself and your products, set yourself up for success, and find continual joy in your journey.

If you strengthen your mindset as you begin your inventory, you’re already on the path to success!

P.S. I don’t know if you noticed my subtle hints…but I’ll be more direct this time.


If you want to set yourself up for success, gain a strong community, and keep your creative juices flowing with new patterns every month…

Happily Hooked is the best place to be! Click to find out more about joining the happiest crafting place on earth!




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I'm Abby — mom of three, lifelong crocheter, voracious reader, and aspiring novelist. At some point, I was supposed to grow up ... but so far I still spend most of my time playing with books, paper, and yarn. In my mind, I live a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. My crochet speed is 1 beanie per 2 episodes of The Mandalorian. I'm beyond grateful to work with the team at Happily Hooked, and I'm excited to see where this journey takes me!

Abby Letner

I'm Abby — mom of three, lifelong crocheter, voracious reader, and aspiring novelist. At some point, I was supposed to grow up ... but so far I still spend most of my time playing with books, paper, and yarn. In my mind, I live a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. My crochet speed is 1 beanie per 2 episodes of The Mandalorian. I'm beyond grateful to work with the team at Happily Hooked, and I'm excited to see where this journey takes me!

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