Organize Your Stash with our Printable Stash Cards!

Printable Stash Cards by Happily Hooked Magazine

Yarn scraps in glass jarsOne thing all crocheters have in common is our stashes. We all try to keep them organized and under control, but I’m betting that most of us have a pile or box or bag of yarn tucked away somewhere that hasn’t been put away yet. Guilty? I am.

And, while I’ve got my yarn organized by type, weight, and color (I’m a bit of an organization freak), the one part of my stash that I have the most trouble with are my scraps. I roll up the left-over yarn from my project and tuck it away in a super-sized wine glass or apothecary jar. And, while it looks great, when I want to buy more of that yarn, I have no idea what it is.

Well, I’ve got the solution for you! Our very own Emily Truman of Em’s Corner has created these printable Stash Cards to help you stay organized.

>> Download the Stash Cards in PDF format — Click Here!<<

Simply print them (they’ve been formatted for business card pages, but regular paper should do just as well), cut them out, punch a hole in the top, and tie them directly to your scrap yarn. Now you’ve got a lovely and informative description of exactly what that scrap yarn is. No more scrambling to the yarn store trying to match texture and color – you’ll know exactly what you need.

We hope you enjoy these Stash Cards and that they help you stay organized! We’d love to see them in action! Share photos of your stash on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HappilyHooked.

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