The October Pattern Pack is Here!

October is all about our little ones here at The Pattern Pack. We have two gorgeous baby blankets, a baby bonnet, and three amigurumi toys that the kids will love!
I can’t decide which project that I want to make first, the Rainbow Baby Pineapple by Lee-Anne Sartori or the Madilyn Baby Blanket by Danyel Pink.
pineapple-1 pineapple2
I love the color changing yarn used in the pineapple and the solid gray really makes those colors pop. And I know my little ones would love playing with those soft pineapple leaves in various colors.
It’s a genius design! But. . .the baby blanket made with lightweight yarn would make my kids so happy. They know that a blanket made by mom
is stitched with love and they are always asking me to make them their own special blanket.
Well, there’s no sense in me trying to decide. I better get my hooks and yarn and just make them both!
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Happy Crocheting!


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