Mother’s Day the Happily Hooked Way

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, when moms are acknowledged and celebrated for everything that they do for us. Keep reading for some fantastic coupons from our HHM Designers as our gift to you this Mother’s Day.

I’m Rae, and I do a lot of the blogging for Happily Hooked Magazine and some behind-the-scenes stuff to help keep us all organized. Being a mom of two teens, I have an intimate understanding of the sleepless nights, the worry, the stress and sacrifice, and the very special joy that comes with being a mother. I’ve been privileged to watch my children grow up into amazing people and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I learned a lot about being the best mother that I can be from my own mother… and from her mother.

My mom is an amazingly strong woman. She kept our family together and raised us well, despite the stresses of military life. In fact, she still keeps us together. She made motherhood look effortless, teaching me to care for others, to live life fully, to find ways around obstacles, and to have patience with the world and, more importantly, with myself. She also taught me to live my life creatively.

It was her mother that taught me to crochet (mom’s got a bad arm that makes it impossible to hold a hook). I remember sitting in Granny’s living room, her “stories” on the T.V. in the background, my tongue poking out, as I struggled to make my stitches as consistent and perfect as hers were. She was so patient, and encouraging, her example showing me the rewards of generosity, practice, and determination. She crocheted until the day she passed, and I still have towels that she crocheted for me.

With such wonderful memories of strong, creative women, is it any wonder that crochet holds such a large place in my heart?

I’d love to hear about your favorite memories of your mother! Would you share them in the comments?

In celebration of our Mothers, the staff here at Happily Hooked would like to show their appreciation to you – our readers. We’d like to offer you 50% off in our Ravelry stores. Please feel free to use the coupon code MOMSROCK on May 6th through the 15th to purchase patterns from our talented designers. We’ve even added a coupon from our friends at Happy Crochet Hooks for free shipping on your order!

Treat your Mom to something special this Mother’s Day… and don’t forget to say THANK YOU!

Danyel Pink, crochet designer and editor, HHM

Danyel Pink Designs

“My mom has always been my biggest supporter. She has always told me, “Follow your heart, but use your head.” She gave me the freedom to try new things, and helped me move on when I failed. She is the reason I am who I am today. And I hope that I show the same strength, patience, and love to my own children as they learn and grow.”

Emily Truman, crochet designer and assistant-editor, HHM

Em’s Corner

“Motherhood has brought me so much joy and taught me so much. Sharing precious moments with my children, teaching them, guiding them… playing with them. They are truly my reason for living and designing, and they hold my heart.”

Lee Sartori of CoCo Crochet

CoCo Crochet

“A few years ago, my mother handed me an old plastic bag filled with a half-finished baby blanket and some yarn. She explained that it was the blanket she meant to finish crocheting for me, but she ran out of time. My mom raised 5 kids on her own while attending, then graduating, law school as a single parent. Because of her, I truly believe one can accomplish anything. I understand now, as an adult, why she wanted me to finish that blanket, and for her, I will. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Tracee Fromm of Fromm Me To You

Fromm Me To You

“My mom is my hero! I am a store bought baby (in other words, I am adopted). How I got so lucky that she chose me is beyond understanding. I lost my mom to cancer in 2012 and my goal in life is to be just like her when I grow up.”

Salena Baca, crochet designer, HHM

Salena Baca Crochet

“I have two children, and they have given me more grey hair than any person should have in their early thirties. But, they are the also the two people in this world that bring me joy beyond anything I’ve ever felt. Here’s to being a Mom; grey hair and all!”

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