Meet Designer Shelley Moore!

Meet Shelley Moore!

How’re Y’all doing this fine Tuesday? Today I have some great content for you! We have an interview with designer Shelley Moore. If you’ve had time to peruse the most recent issue of Happily Hooked, you’ll know Shelley is the designer of the fabulous Garden Delight Apron (which also made the cover)!

R – Hey Shelley! I’m so honored to have you with me today! Okay, so I know our readers would love to know where you learned to crochet?

S – I learned very basic crochet stitches when I was about 8 or 9 from my mom. After that, I taught myself by experimentation!

R – That’s so cool! What kind of projects do you love to make?

S – I love to make garments and usable items that bring crochet back into public view. I want people to realize that it’s hip and cool, and not a ‘lost art’. I also like to design plus size items, because I’m plus sized and there aren’t many stylish patterns for people my size.

R – I totally have to agree! We need more curvy crochet designs. So, where do you find your inspiration?

S – I find inspiration everywhere I look!!! Sometimes I see a picture in a magazine of a garment made out of fabric and I think – I bet I could crochet that! Other times, friends or family members will say “I wish I had ____” and I take that as a personal challenge to design something for them.

R – I love that! Do you have any crafty confessions?

S – HAHA! My secret Crafty Confession is that I never buy expensive fancy yarn. I know some folks buy only the best, but I feel like I can create works that are just as lovely and inspirational by using bargain brands or clearance yarns!

R – I totally get that…I love a good bargain! It’s time for my favorite question, what is your favorite make or your biggest crochet triumph?

S – Oh gosh – that’s a tough one as there are so many things I have enjoyed making. I think the biggest triumph is completing a VERY LARGE graphghan for my son. He is an EOD specialist in the army and he is very tall – 6’2”. So this graphghan is approximately 310 x 350 stitches, and very detailed. It took me a couple of years to get it done and I am glad to have conquered it.

R – Shelley, it has been a blast getting to know you! Now, where can our readers find you to learn more about you and your crochet creations?

S – I am easy to find on Facebook at

I hope y’all have had a great time getting to know Shelley as much as I have. Learning more about our designers is one of the best parts of my job! Almost as fun as the actual crocheting part…almost.

What do you think?