Shawna Underwood

It’s Our May 2019 Issue Preview

April Showers bring May Flowers…  

Umm, well in my case April snows bring May flowers, or at least I hope they do!  

In my family, we are gearing up for the start of softball season.  Spring softball can be the best or the worst, it all depends on the weather!  If it is a nice day you are comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans and you might need a simple wrap or shawl to cover your shoulders to keep just the slight chill off.   But, let’s be honest if it isn’t a nice day there is nothing you can do to stay warm! Haha!

As we wait for Mother Nature to decide what season she is in, let’s get ready for the warmer weather, because it has to be coming, right?!

Courtney and I are always striving to have a well-rounded issue with a little bit for everyone, and I think we did a pretty good job!

In the May Spring Casual Issue we have several adorable tops, a little home decor, and a special little girl to make for your little girl.  And we were lucky enough to connect with an amazing designer who designed “THE FONT” – you know the one. The one you can’t go online or look anywhere without seeing. We are so excited for you all to see it!

The Spring Casual Issue

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Team Favorites Featured In This Issue

The Classic Clutch By Ken Cormier

The Classic Clutch speaks to me… I am definitely a “one can never have too many bags” kind of girl, and of course, all my larger bags need to have smaller bags inside them. While making a stunning clutch for “fancy”, this piece can also be SO useful for any number of “ordinary” things. Not that ANYthing handmade can EVER be considered ordinary! clutch bag 

~ Cara’s Favorite

The Susan Tank By Kayla Wood

The Susan Tank is my favorite. It is perfect to wear under a light jacket for spring and light enough for those hot summer days that are coming. 

~Heather’s Favorite

Hello By Emily Lagler

Hello?  Is it me you’re looking for?  winking face Is that Lionel Richie song stuck in your head?  Excellent!  My job here is done.  (But seriously – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this design!  I love the font, and since I have zero skill with a pen…I think it’s amazing that I can use a hook!)

~Courtney’s Favorite

Violet By Serah Basnet

This little girl just spoke to me as soon as I saw her! I can’t wait to make her.

I am stuck deciding on my color scheme I want to work with and if I am going to make one for just me or for all the little girls in the family!

~ Shawna’s Favorite

Articles Featured In This Issue

Member of the Month – How she discovered and fell in love with HHM.

How to C2C by Nicole Riley – A quick tutorial on how to crochet a C2C project. Which may or may not come in handy for one of the May patterns 😉

 A Crochet Solution to an Oily Problem by Amber Bliss Claderón – A look at how one family helped solve a problem with essential oils and crochet.

Member Projects From Past Issues

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