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Hey Members: Lifetime Membership Cost vs. Benefits

lifetime membership

“Should I spend the money on the Lifetime Membership? Is it worth it?”
It's one of the most often asked questions in the Happily Hooked Members-only Facebook group. (I'll tell you more about the FB group later.) And, with good reason. It's tough to pony up a chunk of money when you aren't sure what you're getting.
So I'm here to spell it all out — lay it all out on the line. We're going to do the math (don't worry, there's no quiz afterward) and check out exactly what you get for the money.


NOTE: The Lifetime membership is available ONLY to current paid subscribers. So, the first step to taking advantage of the Lifetime Membership benefits is to start a yearly subscription, if you don’t already have one.
If you already are a yearly subscriber and want to upgrade, just contact us at [email protected]

But, First…

Before we do the calculations, I want to tell you that I am a Lifetime Member. Yes, I work for Happily Hooked. However, I became a Lifetime Member BEFORE I became your sassy Blog Editor.
Like you, I love to crochet. I love crochet patterns and I love crochet magazines. I learned how to crochet when I was very young, but I am constantly learning new crochet stitches and techniques.
The Lifetime Membership has been invaluable for all of that, and I am super excited to be working here now. It's like a bonus.
Bottom line: I thought it was worth plunking down my hard-earned money and I'm about to tell you why. (I just wanted to get that out of the way before anyone thought I didn't get where you all were coming from.)

Lifetime Membership Benefits

I'll jump straight into what you get because that's really what you need to know. I'll get into more detail later on, but this is the basic math.

Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine – digital membership FOREVER

Each year, you receive online access to 12 digital issues, each containing 12+ patterns and inspiring articles, plus an education library and an AMAZING online community that celebrates you and your yarn addiction. (This is the Facebook group that I mentioned earlier. More about this later.)
VALUE: $50 per year

happily hooked magazine issues

If you have a Lifetime Membership, your Library will contain all recent and FUTURE issues of Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine. That's 12 per year! (Wait … there's much more!)

Pattern Pack Pro – digital membership FOREVER

Pattern Pack Pro is a monthly digital publication of 6+ patterns centered around a theme.​ Six+ patterns that are hand-picked and hand-tested for errors. Each of the 12 issues also includes tips, tricks, and articles to help you make or learn about the month’s theme.
VALUE: $25 per year

pattern pack pro issues

Anyone with a Lifetime Membership also has access to all the Pattern Pack Pro issues from the BEGINNING OF TIME! (These are recent issues, but there are over 70 issues and MORE COMING.)

Every single PAST ISSUE of Happily Hooked and Pattern Pack Pro

Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine started in April 2014. At the time that I write this, there are over 75 issues. Yeah. That's right. You immediately have digital access to 75+ full issues of Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine, going back to the very first one. And more coming all the time! That includes every crochet pattern, every article, every interview, every “how to crochet” tip … everything.

Ditto with the Pattern Pack Pro collections. They started in October 2014. Currently, there are 70+ Pattern Pack Pro issues, each with 6 patterns. Yep, over 400 patterns right there. And more every month! All triple-checked to make sure there aren't any errors. (And if you think it's easy to find crochet patterns that are error-free out there from other sources, think again!)
To put a value on this part of the Lifetime Membership is truly difficult. Let's just go with the number of patterns at the time that I'm writing this…

Between the two publications, you immediately have digital access to MORE than 125 issues and over 1,400 professionally tested error-free crochet patterns. I'm going to pretend that all these patterns are available at the $0.99 Pattern Store. (But, they're NOT! They are not available anywhere but here!) So, here's approximately what you would pay for JUST the past patterns in our vault …
VALUE: $1,386

lifetime membership archives

The Lifetime Membership includes DIGITAL access to ALL of the Happily Hooked and Pattern Plus Pro issues in FULL-COLOR versions and EASY-TO-PRINT versions so you don't have to waste tons of paper if you want to take a pattern with you in print.



So the total of the digital magazines adds up to quite a bit — $1,461 actually. And it just keeps growing every month. That's all PAST + PRESENT + FUTURE issues of Happily Hooked AND Pattern Pack Pro magazines. That's crazy, of course. And no one would ever pay that much for a crochet magazine or crochet patterns. Right?


NOTE: The Lifetime membership is available ONLY to current paid subscribers. So, the first step to taking advantage of the Lifetime Membership benefits is to start a yearly subscription, if you don’t already have one.
If you already are a yearly subscriber and want to upgrade, just contact us at [email protected]

But Wait, There's More

At this moment, I can hear tons of you saying, “There are free patterns on the internet. I'll just go find the ones I like there.” Fair argument.
I used to spend tons of time searching for patterns I wanted to make, too. I found some really nice ones for free, and I even spent a few bucks here and there on Ravelry and Etsy and other sites. (It adds up fast, doesn't it? 🙄)
But, I'm now a very happy crocheter at Happily Hooked, and I went from a yearly subscriber to a Lifetime Membership within a month of subscribing. And here are all the OTHER things that came with my membership.

VIP Perks

New to the Lifetime Membership are VIP Perks! These include goodies that are ONLY for Lifetime Members. We will continue to add more VIP Perks but so far, you can expect:
– VIP-only crochet patterns in the VIP Members' area!
– Sneak peeks at monthly cover designs
– A 10% discount in our Happily Hooked store and on future classes with your Exclusive VIPeep Discount Card!

hh VIPeep Discount card

With our Members-Only VIPeep Discount Card, you get 10% off in our store!

The Learning Center

When you log into the Members' area, you'll find your Library, with all your digital issues, as well as your Learning Center including:
– Our video “Crochet Mastery” bundle – 7 crochet classes to help elevate your skills
– More informational videos including masterclasses, member tutorials, and pain-management guides
– Informational conversion charts and cheatsheets
– Sizing guides, printable gift tags, laundry care tags, and more

Online Community

I've mentioned the Facebook group a few times. Right now, I'm doing a crochet challenge with a bunch of people in the group and we show each other our progress with photos. It's awesome to see how everyone is doing! But it's almost impossible to put into words the type of community you'll find in this mishmash of crocheters, young and old, that came together on Facebook. Instead, let me share a few screenshots with the names redacted to protect identities.

Within this fabulous community, you are lucky enough to often hear from the magazines' amazing editors! Courtney, the Creative Editor, and Shawna, the Publishing Editor, are regularly in the Facebook group, interacting directly with the community!
If you have a question or need a tip, you can count on this fabulous crochet duo to have your back and give you a boost! Join their monthly crochet challenges and enjoy the company of fellow crocheters from all over. You'll never be alone when you're in the Happily Hooked Member's Community, and it's available ONLY to subscribers. (I'm not giving you the link because YOU CAN'T JOIN UNLESS YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER. Stop trying, people!)

And, Finally …

Every month, you get more, because there are new issues added. So, not only do you have more than you could possibly EVER really need but then you get new issues of Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro every single month. Yep.


NOTE: The Lifetime membership is available ONLY to current paid subscribers. So, the first step to taking advantage of the Lifetime Membership benefits is to start a yearly subscription, if you don’t already have one.
If you already are a yearly subscriber and want to upgrade, just contact us at [email protected]


Customer Service

The last thing I want to share is a few words about the Customer Service team behind Happily Hooked. I get to meet with these ladies every week, and it is truly a bright spot in my work week. They would go to the ends of the earth to help out each and every one of our customers. They work hard and the only thing they care about is making sure that customers are well taken care of. Not sales, not numbers, not dollars. They care about customer care.
You don't have to get a Lifetime Membership to get great customer service from this team. They go above and beyond for every single customer. But remember, we are a small company in the middle of some strange times. So BE KIND and BE PATIENT! And if any of you are not nice to my customer service people, I'm coming for you!

So … 

If you want to become a Lifetime Member, first make sure you have a regular membership, THEN contact our wonderful Customer Support staff at [email protected] and ask them to “hook” you up (Thanks to Matt for that one! LOL!) with $1,400+ worth of patterns and all the other VIP stuff, at the members-only pricing.

Of course, you'll need to give them all your information and tell them exactly why you're contacting them. Make sure to be specific because as AWESOME as they are, they are not mindreaders.



Margaret Kavanagh

I've been crocheting since my mother taught me as a little girl. I'm lucky to be working with Happily Hooked and I can't wait to share everything yarny and hooky with you! Yarn over, peeps! Yarn over!

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