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How to Mini C2C

Mini C2C is variation of traditional corner-to-corner (c2c) crochet.  C2C is an easy way to create beautiful blankets using graphs.  Mini C2C may seem intimidating at first, but don’t let it scare you.  We can help you overcome those fears and learn to become a Mini C2C master!

In this post you will learn:

  • How to Mini C2C
  • Make a Graph
  • Blanket Sizing Tools
  • C2C Finishing Techniques
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Happily Hooked C2C 25 x 27 squares

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Mini C2C by Happily HookedLearn How to Mini C2C

Mini C2C is just like regular C2C with a few tweaks to create smaller stitches.  First, we will practice the stitch, then we will move on to creating a graph and sizing.

How to Mini C2C

Mini C2C creates smaller squares and uses half double crochet (hdc) instead of using double crochet (dc).  This creates a tighter and smaller project with fewer holes.  It’s a great way to reduce the size of a project if you want to create a purse or pillow!


ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

sl st – slip stitch

t-ch – turning chain


Row 1:

ch 4

Step 1 - Mini C2C

Step 1 – Ch 4

hdc in 3rd ch from hook.

Step 2 - Mini C2C

Step 2 – hdc in 3rd ch from hook.

hdc in 4th ch from hook (1st square created)

Step 3 - Mini C2C

Step 3 – hdc in 4th ch from hook (1st square created)

Step 4 - Mini C2C

First Square Completed

Row 2:

ch 4.

Step 5 - Mini C2C

Step 4 – ch 4

hdc in 3rd ch from hook.

Step 5 - Mini C2C

Step 5 – hdc in 3rd ch from hook

hdc in 4th ch from hook.

Step 6 - Mini C2C

Step 6 – hdc in 4th ch from hook.

sl st to ch 2 t-ch from Row 1.

Step 7 - Mini C2C

Step 7 – sl st to ch 2 t-ch from Row 1.

ch 2.

Step 9 - Mini C2C

Step 8 – ch 2

2 hdc in same ch 2 sp (Row 2 complete)

Step 10 - Mini C2C

Step 9 – 2 hdc in same ch 2 sp (Row 2 complete)

Rows 3 – until increase rows end; repeat steps of Row 2.

After you master the mini c2c stitch, you can easily transition into reading and following graphs to create just about anything!

Creating a Crochet Graph

How to Create a Graph:

There are several ways to create a graph for a c2c project.

  • Graphing paper and pencil to create your design – this is a fast and easy way to do it if you don’t have access to a computer or like putting a pencil to paper.
  • Microsoft Excel – this is an easy way to create a graph for free and you have the ability to easily number the columns and rows.
  • Graphing apps on your phone – this is also a convenient way to create a simple graph and many of the apps have full-color functionality too.  Head over to your app store and type in graphing.
  • Graphing programs on your Laptop or PC – these are great and there are a lot of resources out there, some will actually provide a written pattern for C2C, which is amazing.

Below is an example of a graph featured on our blog called the Big Boy Blanket.

If you want to practice your mini C2C skills using these designs, they are free, and available here, along with 11 other cute graphs.

These were created using single crochet in mind, but the mini C2C will work with any graph.

Sizing will be different from single crochet to mini C2C, but keep reading to find a great C2C blanket size calculator.

Big Boy Blanket Happily Hooked

Big Boy Blanket by Happily Hooked

Baby Boy Blanket Rocket

Big Boy Blanket Rocket by Happily Hooked Magazine

Tips for Designing a Graph:

  • Decide on your yarn weight first, this will make all the difference in how big your project will be.
  • Create a 5″ x 5 ” swatch and set it aside, you will measure it when you use the C2C blanket size calculator.
  • Decide what you want to graph.  Clipart is great for creating a graph.  You can also use your imagination and graph just about anything like your favorite sports team logo, a flower, sun, candy, anything!
  • Keep it simple until you become more advanced.
  • Account for adding a border into your final decision for sizing.

How to Read a C2C Graph:

Reading a C2C graph is not as difficult as you may think!  Starting at the bottom right-hand corner and work up to the right, diagonally.

How to Read a Graph by Stardust Gold Crochet

Reading a Graph photo courtesy of Stardust Gold Crochet

C2C Sizing:  How Big Will My Project Be?:

Measuring tape

This is perhaps the most asked question when it comes to C2C.  The size of your finished project will vary depending on the weight of yarn you choose, your hook size, and the number of squares in the graph.

Here are the best ways to determine how big your project will be and how to adjust it to fit your needs:

  • Create a swatch using your chosen yarn and hook size in the mini C2C stitch.
  • Determine how many squares are in your graph (rows/columns).
  • Use a C2C calculator – head over to this calculator and follow the instructions.

Using this method should give you an idea of how big your project will be based on your personal crochet style.

Making Adjustments:

After you figure out how big your project will be, you can make adjustments to get a perfect size.

Is it too small?

  • Increase your yarn weight.
  • Increase your hook size.
  • Adjust your graph by adding rows or columns to the outside edges.
  • Add a border.

Is it too big?

  • Decrease your yarn weight.
  • Decrease your hook size.
  • Adjust your graph by reducing the number of rows and columns.  Adjusting is easier said than done, as you’ll need to potentially redesign the entire graph.

Adding a border to your squares is a great way to prepare them for joining them together.


Border for C2C photo courtesy of Make & Do Crew

Joining Your Mini C2C Squares:

There are several ways you can join your finished squares.

  • Mattress Stitch – the Make & Do Crew has a great tutorial for this one.
  • Single Crochet – this is a great video on joining squares using a single crochet.
  • Sewing Together – here is a great video tutorial on sewing them together.


You did it!  I hope this mini C2C tutorial and tips help you overcome the fear of graphing and C2C.  Learning mini C2C is a lot of fun.  Once you get the hang of it, the creative possibilities are endless!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, we are happy to help!


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