Knit Picks Lindy Chain Yarn Review!

Have you checked out Lindy Chain Yarn from Knit Picks? We want to tell you all about it before you order yours!


Knit Picks Lindy Chain is a unique chainette yarn made from 70% Linen and 30% Pima Cotton. “Chainette” means that there are no yarn plies, the fibers are interwoven on a circular knitting machine to produce a cord. Since Lindy Chain is a fingering weight yarn, the fibers are very fine, but you can still easily see the chainette style that gives this yarn beautiful texture.


The Linen in Lindy Chain creates amazing stitch definition in a crochet project. Each stitch is very crisp and produces a fabric unlike any other yarn I have used before. Usually there is a trade-off between stitch definition and soft yarn and it is true in this case. It is just slightly stiff and rough to work with but softens quite a bit after washing. I read several reviews where crocheters washed the yarn in a tight mesh bag before crocheting to avoid the roughness but I just plan on washing my finished project afterwards. This fiber blend requires hand washing and then drying flat.
Each 50 gram ball contains 180 yards. The recommended hook size for this yarn is B-E. I used an E hook to create my Summer Waves Cowl. The color palette for Lindy Chain is lovely. You’ll find soft neutrals, gentle pastels, and deep, rich hues.
Use Lindy Chain for light accessories, ponchos, cowls, scarves, shawls, and breezy summer tops. Because this yarn is textured, I would recommend using Lindy Chain for openwork stitch patterns where the yarn can really shine through.
I made the Summer Waves Cowl with my yarn. Pattern available cowl
Lindy Chain retails at $4.49.
pattern b



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