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Unleash Your Kindness Monster! Free Crochet Pattern by Happily Hooked Magazine

Kindness Monster by Happily Hooked Magazine

The Kindness Monster is a free crochet pattern and the perfect project to spread some joy and kindness in our world today.

As this storm of uncertainty rages around us right now, it can be all too easy to be swept up and lost in waves of anxiety, stress, and even anger.

It’s times like these we can all use the gentle reminder that we are all in this together.

You can’t spell the word “humankind” without the word “kind.”

It’s for that very reason, we’re sharing this complimentary KINDNESS MONSTER pattern with all of you:

DOWNLOAD IT, crochet it, and unleash a little kindness onto the world.

Kindness Monster – Free Crochet Pattern

Kindness Monster by Happily Hooked Magazine

Kindness Monster by Happily Hooked Magazine

Be careful (and kind) out there. And don’t forget to wash those hands.  😉

Happy crocheting,

Courtney & Shawna



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Kindness Monster by Happily Hooked Magazine




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