January Issue #46 – Winter Wear is Here!

Look, Jon Snow warned us.

“Winter is coming. We know what is coming with it. We can’t face it alone.”

Who knew that a fictional character on Game of Thrones would have been able to properly articulate the current weather in the eastern United States?

I mean…this Winter y’all? Isn’t this something else?

However, I did learn something.

What can make those endless snow days go by faster?

You know the kind, where the kids are stuck inside, and you’re ready to pull your hair from the roots, or drink an entire bottle of wine by noon…

The answer? Of course, it’s crochet!

Now, if that’s not a ringing endorsement for the newest issue of Happily Hooked, I don’t know what is!

The January issue of HHM has JUST been released, and with that comes ten NEW projects you’ll want to get your hooks and hands-on as soon as possible.

From Lee’s cozy sweater to the Tunisian Etude scarf…you will have something that makes those long snow days feel like a summer breeze. Here is a quick peek at all the design featured in this month’s issue of Happily Hooked!

We also have a fun Sock Challenge launching today!

You all know I love socks, and in January’s Pattern Pack Pro I wrote the article and designed a pair of socks. There are also 5 other patterns from the other designers!

We know that socks can be a little intimidating…so…we are happy to announce the Pattern Pack Pro My First Sock Challenge! It’s a fun way to challenge yourself to finally make a pair of socks that you’ll love and wear often! You can find all the details right HERE…but trust me…you’ll want to get in on this as soon as possible! If you are already a subscriber to Pattern Pack Pro, you are all set to go! Just head on over to the Members Only Facebook Group to get started!

We start today!

Until next time,

What do you think?