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It’s the most wonderful time for YOU!

Hi friends, Sam here! I just wanted to pop in real quick and go over a few things with you. This time of year we are running around, shopping for family, catering to family with events, and essentially stressing out over it being the end of the year. (At least I am…) December, for whatever reason is one of the most stressful months (November was ranked 1st) and I get it. But what I also understand, is we can combat that stress and provide ourselves with a little “me” time, without feeling guilty about it.


Crocheting to me has been my safe haven in so many aspects. That is the one thing I can control (even when the pattern doesn’t work out) when everything else is in full chaos mode. I can sit by myself, or in a group of people, and let my hands drift off and create something beautiful. I then get to choose who I share that with. Do I sell it at a market? Gift it to my best friend? Or keep it for myself? That choice is all on me. When I have kids arguing and family nagging and cookies burnt to a crisp on my stove, crocheting is my calm.


“But Sam, I have 9 million things to do this month! How can you even think I would have time to crochet!?”


Well, my answer to that is simple. Make. Time. 

I know, we are all really busy. But for me, crocheting is important. Business aside, I want to give myself a half an hour a few times a week to crochet just for me. Sometimes that means waking up mega early before my day job, but I know, for my mental and physical health, I need that. Maybe for you that means crocheting while the kiddo is in the tub. Or maybe while you wait for dinner to cook you break out your selfish make and work a few rows. 


So remember, this is for YOU and it’s so deserved. You are a rock star and sometimes holiday seasons can be a real bummer, so remember you are worthy of doing something for you, because you want to. And if you need an excuse, say you are working on a super secret project and you have to, that works for me 75% of the time! 

Sam Bartley

Sam is a crocheter and designer with a passion for helping others learn the ins and outs of the craft. Her business, Creating In The Mitten, was started to keep this southern girl warm during the winters in Michigan that last forever. You can normally find her in her studio surrounded by coffee, her cat, & more yarn than she could use in a lifetime, but always working on the newest idea that's popped into her head. Website -

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