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Which of These Crafts Would You Make for Your Business?

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Whether or not you have a structured business, you may want to think about whipping up a few designs to sell. The demand for homemade goods is high, and your talents could bring you some needed cash, as Nicole explains … MAK

Many people turn to their crafty talents to make a few extra dollars, and with the economy ebbing and flowing lately, it isn’t a bad idea to consider. Even if you feel you have no skills in this department, you might surprise yourself if introduced to a new idea.
In particular, is incredibly easy and can result in some pretty spectacular items with minimal effort. In fact, it is such an easy skill, many children catch on quite quickly, and online video tutorials can get you started in no time.

What is It?

This is simply the skill of interlocking looped stitches formed with a single thread and hooked needle. Considered a type of needlework, it is often compared to knitting, another easy skill to acquire, but is more quickly done and requires less material and effort. Many people actually turn to it as a means to relieve stress and relax.
It often falls into the fabric- or sewing-skill category, but it has none of the effort or machinery those skills require. If you know how to sew and are well-versed in the nuances of it, this is a great direction to take with your skills. You won’t have to worry about sharp needles, thread patterns, or even irons to make crisp seams, but feel free to explore those needs at if all this talk is piquing your creative interests!

Awesome Ideas to Make and Sell

The following ideas are just a sample of the many things you can easily make with just a little practice. Crafting is quite easy to master, and before long, you could be creating your own patterns! This skill often results in adorable designs that look more complicated than they are and are highly sought after for gifting and home decor.

Giant Floor Poufs

giant donut floor pouf

This floor pouf is by Twinkie Chan in her book “Hand Made Abode a la Mode.”

Fun for all ages, giant floor poufs can be designed to fit any decor. Make them fun and whimsical, such as a giant donut, or classic or boho-chic; it’s all up to you. These are sure to be a hit with buyers who want a unique place to sit or rest their legs. These designs sell particularly well because of their larger size.

Fun Sleep Masks

crochet pattern eye owl mask

This adorable eye mask pattern is available for free, here

Why use a dull sleep mask when you can make fun options for adults and children alike. Line with a soft, silky material and market as one-of-a-kind pieces along with hand lotion or pillow sprays to create fun kits.

Pin Cushions

crochet pattern cactus pincushion

This is adorable as is, but imagine it full of needles, like the spines of a real cactus! Find this cutie by Ana Paula Rimoli for free at Ravelry

Sewers everywhere want unique, quirky pin cushions to safely hold their pins and needles while they work. These adorable cactus patterns are perfect for fabric enthusiasts. Take a lesson from this little gem and create a series of potted plant options for customers to choose from.

Boho Bags

crochet pattern boho tassel bag

This beautiful bag is available as a free pattern here

Create a fashion statement with easy to sew boho style bags. Use buttons, beads, and other small decorative pieces to make a series of one of a kind designs. You can also mix and match colors.

Market Bags

crochet pattern manhattan tote

Get this gorgeous bag from Mama in a Stitch. It's a free pattern available here

Durable market bags are popular for farmer’s markets and reusable shopping. Lightweight and easy to pack, these designs are perfect for environmentally conscientious customers.

Winter Hats

crochet pattern cable hat

Super-cute winter hats never go out of style, or out of demand! Grab this free pattern PDF from Priscilla:

Whip up a bunch of winter hats in customized colors and sizes to fit everything from infants to adults. These are stylish and fun and can be made with a ton of different yarns to meet the needs of customers.

Reusable Dishcloths

crochet pattern dishcloth

Dishcloths are the new tea towels and they're so easy to whip up in any color! This one comes free from Crochet.Life

Provide environmentally friendly dishcloths that are effective and easy to wash. Make these to order, create sets, or simply provide them in small kits alongside other hand made options, such as oven mitts and potholders. These designs sell well in color-coordinated packs.

Baby Blankets

crochet pattern baby blanket

This blanket looks complicated, but it's actually an easy pattern! Find it for free at Crochet.Life

Quick and easy to create, handmade baby blankets are perfect for heirloom quality gifting. Make them in various sizes and package them with adorable bows and stuffed animals (also easy to make!). These designs sell well in gender-neutral colors.

Neck Cowls

crochet pattern neck cowl

Crochet.Life has the most lovely cowl pattern for but there are many out there. Check out this one here

Scarves are often too long for many people, yet they still want a comforting way to keep their neck warm. Quick and easy to make, neck cowls are simple and short enough to avoid getting caught up in coat zippers without sacrificing comfort.


crochet pattern color coasters

Coasters make the perfect hostess gift! These colorful beauties whip up in no time and the free pattern is available from Mango Tree Crafts

Make up a set of coasters and package with mugs, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate as a gift-giving package people won’t be able to pass up. These designs sell especially well when paired with a nice bottle of wine!
~ Nicole at

strings of yarn

I love every one of these ideas, and I have a to-do list a mile long for coasters, now! Thanks, Nicole! 🥰
I also have a really long list of new sites to check out. These patterns are just lovely. And there's no limit to the designs you can make and sell from your own business. In fact, Happily Hooked has patterns for every one of the above 10 items, and if you're a subscriber, you may already have them in your library. If you're a Lifetime Member, you definitely do. (If you're not yet either one, you can sign up here!)
For instance, we have a giant floor pouf pattern in our Pattern Pack Pro issue #65, an adorable sleep mask in PPP issue #8, two baby blankets in our (stashbusting) Happily Hooked Magazine issue #72, and, well, just look at these covers …

get happily hooked

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Nicole is the Chief Marketing Officer at She has years of online marketing experience and oversees the SEO and marketing relationships. She developed her love of sewing as a young child in grade school and particularly enjoys cross-stitch.

Nicole Garcia

Nicole is the Chief Marketing Officer at She has years of online marketing experience and oversees the SEO and marketing relationships. She developed her love of sewing as a young child in grade school and particularly enjoys cross-stitch.

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