How to Organize Your Craft Stash

Creative people don’t have to be organized. Who agrees with me? How many times have you said: “This is my creative chaos!”?However, sometimes for the sake of finding what we own, we need a good strategy to organize our craft stash. It is no secret that many of us struggle with that. One day, we came to the idea of sharing with you guys how our Editors do it. They gave some pretty good tips, check them out!

How do you organize your craft stash?

I organize my craft supplies by medium, so all my paint supplies together, needlepoint together, and so on.

My craft stash is mostly organized by type…then by color.
Yarn is all in pretty much one place, my embroidery stash is all in one bin, and my ribbon collection is all in one bin.
I like having everything in order, too – so all of my yarn and ribbon is organized by color, and my embroidery floss is organized by number.
Crayons and colored pencils are also in rainbow order (And just in case you were wondering, my crochet and cross-stitch books are organized by size – tall in the back, short in the front).

How do you organize your hooks?

S: I have tried many different ways to organize my hooks and what seems to work best for me is pencil boxes/storage containers with lids, that way they are all together and if I am traveling I can just grab it and go.


C: I have a slight hook obsession (shhhh…it’s fine, don’t judge me), so my organization for those changes frequently because I add new hooks on a regular basis.
I actually just cleaned up my stash (and got rid of a few hooks). So, everything is actually organized really well right now!! I’m not kidding when I say that I’m obsessed with hooks – see? And I use them all!!  Most of them live in either antique toothbrush holders or small metal buckets in the top of my rolling cart or in my craft area in my bedroom.
I also have a travel pouch that goes everywhere, too, with an entire set of hooks and tools so I can crochet on-the-go.


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How do you organize your yarn?

S: Yarn organizing is very organic, usually I separate my good yarn, yarn I get from my LYS, and the yarn I get from box stores.
Fiber -> Weight -> Color

C: Like I mentioned earlier, I tend to organize by color.
This is my wall of pretty!!  Most of this is worsted acrylic and cotton, with some other things thrown in to fill the holes.
I keep my super fancy yarn in a clear bin with a lid, so I can drool over it whenever I want. My overflow yarn is hidden away in bins in my closet.  I always have a few projects going, so there’s also yarn in bags all over my house.


Tell us in the comments below how you organize your craft stash!

Happy organizing!
Happily Hooked Team

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