How To Find Your Crochet Tribe

If you’re reading this article, you already know the joys of crocheting. In the nearly 20 years since I first picked up a hook, I’ve used the craft to make sweet gifts for friends and family, grow closer to my mother who originally taught me to crochet and relax after a long and challenging day.
Crochet and other yarn arts have come back into fashion lately and there are new companies and patterns popping up every day. With that boost in attention came a vibrant community that makes crocheting even more of a special treat.

While you may love crocheting on your own, sharing that gift with friends comes with major benefits. Surrounding yourself with other passionate makers can inspire a newfound appreciation for the hooks and yarn in your own stash. Crochet friends also help to encourage you when you’ve hit a wall in a current project and can help you learn a new stitch or technique. One major benefit of my own maker community is that they keep me accountable when I have major projects or deadlines to meet.
I am so easily distracted by new yarns and ideas, but my closest creative friends keep me focused when my attention starts to wander.

Are you looking to find your own community of crochet besties? Here are 3 different ways to make new maker friends.

Find (Or Start!) a Crafty Meet-Up

Sometimes called a sip-and-stitch, a crafty meet-up is just that – a gathering of yarn lovers at a set place and time. Usually, makers will bring their latest project to work on while they catch up with one another. It’s a great way to find other crocheters in your local area. Some meet-ups I’ve been to have a dedicated goal, like an incentive for finishing a work in progress or even a gift exchange. You can find these meet-ups by checking in at your local yarn store or searching for events on Facebook. If there are no meet-ups nearby, try starting one! Libraries, coffee shops, and craft stores are perfect (and inexpensive) places to host them. Promote your event via social media and at local businesses that crocheters visit. Make your event extra special by asking attendees to bring a snack to share and a finished project to show off.

Join a Crochet Along

There’s nothing like a common goal and a beautiful pattern to bring people together. Crochet along (CAL), often hosted online, is an event where makers commit to crocheting the same project during a set amount of time. CALs can be hosted by just about anyone, including pattern designers, yarn companies, and even crochet magazines.

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Connect on Social Media

If you’re looking for more of a community than a commitment, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Ravelry might be the way to go. I’ve felt my own love for crochet blossom since I started engaging with the maker community online. I started finding friends by following some of my favorite designers and bloggers on Instagram. I also started following some popular hashtags like #grannysquares and #crochetallday. Facebook offers an endless selection of active groups for every niche of crochet. Ravelry is a treasure trove of inspiration and engagement. The key to building strong, personal relationships on these platforms is to go past posting pretty pictures and really engaging with the people you vibe with.

You might not know it, but there are yarn lovers everywhere! Find your tribe and renew your love for crochet like I did. If you’re looking for the perfect place to start, join the HHM Members Facebook group.

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