Hookers are Picky!

You know, I’m picky about my crochet hooks. Like…really picky.

Most of you know that I design a lot of socks, and that means that I have to crochet a lot of socks! This means I need hooks that are comfortable to use for the time it takes to make of a pair of socks!

I also want the shaft of the hook to be the right size, the handle needs to be long but not too long, oh and I need a Susan Bates head, if not I split yarn like no tomorrow.

So, when I saw the amazing Warm Walnut crochet hook from Happy Crochet Hooks…I was (did you guess it already?)…HOOKED!

Seriously though, this is a great deal if you are picky about hooks like I am. There are just over 5 days left to get this hook for only $28, which I know sounds like a lot but when you see similar products you’ll know what a true value this is.

Remember, you’ll get to choose between your Susan Bates or Boye head, a standard or long handle, and your favorite size! I’m ordering a US D/3.25…it’s my most used hook!

What do you think?