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30 Days of Crochet Fun! September 2020 Edition

30 days crochet happily hooked September

Summer isn’t over yet! But with the kids heading back to school (maybe), whether it’s virtual or to an actual building, and more people heading back to work, you may find you have time to yourself! Or maybe you NEED time to yourself and are looking for something to do! Either way, we’ve got 30 things to suggest during our 30 Days of Crochet — September 2020 Edition!

Happily Hooked 30 Days of Crochet!

Grab your hooks, yarn, and cameras folks … because Sam is back with the #HappilyHooked30DaysofCrochet Challenge — September 2020 edition!


30 days of crochet September

The challenge takes place on Instagram and all the daily prompts are there!

Be sure and search the hashtag #HappilyHooked30DaysofCrochet to get inspiration from the rest of the crochet community by clicking here


How does it work?

  1. First, follow Happily Hooked on Instagram 
  2. Then, each day look for the 30 Days Of Crochet prompt, follow along, and take your photo
  3. Tag your photo with #HappilyHooked30DaysofCrochet and tag us @HappilyHookedMagazine


FAQ: Do I have to be a member of Happily Hooked to participate?

You sure don’t! Everyone is welcome to join in.

However, if you want 90 digital patterns right now … AND new patterns delivered to you twice a month,

you should click here to find out more about how to join Happily Hooked!


A Few of Our Favorite #HappilyHooked30DaysofCrochet
Daily Prompts

granny stitch tote crochet pattern

This Granny Stitch Tote by Kristi Simpson is the perfect epitome of the granny square, squared!

Granny Square Day Challenge!

Tag us in your favorite granny square make with the #HappilyHooked30DaysofCrochet!

Need a pattern? We’ve got you covered in our #74 issue May 2020 with the Granny Stitch Tote by Kristi Simpson! And get this: It’s part 6 of the six-part Granny Stitch series that started in the January 2020 issue (#70).


paw and bone cup cozy crochet pattern

These adorable Paw and Bone Cup Cozies by Janet Pippin are the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life!

National Coffee Day Challenge!

Tag us in your favorite drink-themed crochet item!

If you don’t have one, check out the Paw & Bone Cup Cozy pattern from the Pattern Pack Pro #68 May 2020. It is perfect, so check it out!

In Other Words

There’s plenty of fun to be had all through the month!

Just take a look at photos from a few challenge participants on Instagram:


View this post on Instagram

Day2 of #happilyhooked30daysofcrochet Today's challenge is: Favorite Crochet gift, This Briar Rose is my favorite, made it for niece Nora, she is keen of color blue. And I love blue and pink 💙🌸 together, if I was a kid I would be making me one just like it 😉 or it would have been hard to part with… 😂 💙🌸💙🌸💙🌸💙🌸💙🌸💙🌸💙🌸 Pattern is: Briar Rose Blanket Design by #hookedonsunshine #crochetisfun #crochet #crochetblanket #crocheteverything #hookedonsunshinepatternsandcals #aganchiĺlo #вязаниекрючком #крючком #girly #lovecrochet #mypinkcrochetedworld #blueandpink #crochetworld #myhobbyiscrochet #crochetlife #crochetcrowd #yarnart #yarnlife #yarnspirations #caronsimplysoft #crocheteveryday #handmade #crochetcreations #crochetallthethings #yarntherapy #yarncraft #haken #ganchillocreativo

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Next time, this could be you! So come join us on Instagram and take the challenge!

Not up for a challenge, right now?

Don’t miss out on all of the other fun in the Happily Hooked community. Or just hang out for a spell and get away from it all.

In the words of our members:

happiest post on earth happily hooked

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