Hat Sizing and How To Get The Perfect Fit!

No matter the season…Crochet hats are some of the most popular projects to make, wear, and gift. They are excellent projects on which new crocheters can practice their skills. Experienced crocheters also love to pick up a hat for a quick project. In this guide we’ll help you to make sure your hats always fit perfectly, no matter who the hat is for. Grab your measuring tape and let’s get hooking!



How To Measure

There are several different styles of hats. We have included the hat sizing guide for a fitted beanie below. To make a slouchy hat, simply add an inch or two as desired for the extra slouch.

Not every person will fit exactly into the sizing chart at the end of this post based on their age.

The most accurate way to size a beanie is to measure the head circumference with a measuring tape just above the ears, as shown in the graphic.

If the intended recipient isn't available to be measured, use the age section of the sizing chart. "Most" people have a head circumference that matches their age pretty closely.

Let's do a few examples…

The baby below has a fitted beanie. To determine the correct size for the baby, you would need to look at the sizing chart below. This baby is pretty new so I am going to use the sizing for Newborn 7-8 lbs. The hat circumference should be between 11-13". Especially for babies, who are growing very fast, I like to measure the hat flat and then stretch it comfortably and see what the largest circumference would be (again, comfortably without stretching too much).

Some of these baby sizes can fit a baby for a week, sometimes 6 weeks, but babies grow fast! I like to make a couple hats for each baby, since they can grow out of several hats in a season.


Earflap hats are great for winter and are especially helpful in windy areas. If you want to add earflaps, use the sizing chart below, without adding any extra slouch. The earflaps will be added after you reach the beanie height stated for age.


Head circumference, if available, will always yield a better fit. I, once, had to make a teen size hat for a 3 year old. And it fit perfectly! Additionally, please take into account the yarn fiber and the stitch that will be used to crochet each hat. Some stitches stretch much more than others and allow for a wider hat circumference range than is listed. This is also the reason why many patterns usually include 3-6 sizes and not the 13 included on our list.


Aside from head circumference, take into account the style and function of the hat. Some hats are loose, some are tight. For example, I have a 22" head which is the mid-range for an adult female. But, I love to wear extra loose slouches so I usually make the larger adult size hats for my winter hats. However, when I make a sunhat, that should be a fitted hat so I am going to follow pattern instructions to make my hat sized for an adult woman.

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