Fun Crochet Hats for Fall

Fall is winding down quickly, but there is still plenty of time to crochet! These 6 fun hats will help you get over the hump and into Winter in no time! 

1.) Angelo Knit-look Beanie by Inventorium

Faux fur pom poms are growing in popularity and this knit-look beanie makes the perfect base to show them off!
Get this pattern here.

2.) Apple Hat by Salena Baca Crochet (FREE)

Nothing says Fall like apples! Look at this cutie in the best apple hat there is!
Get this pattern here.

3.) Boho Chic Arrow Slouch by A Crocheted Simplicity

Boho patterns are very happening right now, and this hat is stunning! Its awesome in a solid color too.
Get this pattern here.

4.) Chevron Slouchy Hat by Accessorise

This mustard yellow color is just like the glowing evening Fall sun! You can crochet it in any color for the perfect gift!
Get this pattern here.

5.) Elaine Slouch by Danyel Pink Designs

The Elaine Slouch is an all day wear hat. With or without the button, it has a great stitch pattern that allows your head to breath nicely!
Get this pattern here.

6.) Laurel Leaf Slouch Hat by Divine Debris

Falling leaves with no raking needed here! Try out tapestry crochet because this beautiful super slouch is the perfect Fall accessory.
Get this pattern here.
I hope you have all had a ton of fun crocheting this Fall and are gearing up for whatever kind of Winter weather you have where you live. Michigan is cold no matter if it snows or not, so why not have cute hats to brighten our spirits!
Download, print, and keep our FREE Hat Sizing Guide to get the perfect sizes on your crocheted hats!
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Happy crocheting,

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