Our Favorite Crochet Charities

Crocheters are a generous group. While much of our giving is done out of the goodness of our hearts, part of me believes that our “generosity” is an excuse for us to keep crocheting.

I’ve done some research on charitable organizations that are looking for crochet items and here are my top five.

1. Handmade Especially

Logo for Handmade Especially - HHMStarted in 2008, this group has sent over 56,000 scarves to battered women who have the courage to leave their abusive situations. In many cases these women “have never received a personal gift, much less a handmade personal gift. We want receiving these scarves to help lift their self-esteem and help them to begin changing their lives. We hope the scarves are a symbol of every woman’s transformation.” Donate your scarf through their affiliates. They also accept cash donations.

2. Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude LogoI may be a bit biased, but their Scarves for Troops is a favorite of mine (I’m a Navy Brat). Operation Gratitude sends 100,000 care packages to U.S. Service Personnel, their children, and Wounded Warriors. They also accept hats, paracord survival bracelets, and Bandana Cool-Ties. Check out their Project Requirements and ship your project. They also accept financial donations.

3. Project Linus

Project Linus Logo

Begun in 1995 by Karen Loucks of Colorado, Project Linus provides brand-new, handmade blankets to children who are “seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need.” Interested in helping out? Find free patterns and dropoff locations. They also accept monetary donations.

4. The Peyton Heart Project

Peyton Heart Project Logo

This is one of my favorite crochet charities – perhaps the favorite. My son was bullied, like many of our children are, and I watched it change his personality, make him hate school, and turn him into something less than I knew he could be. Peyton James was bullied to the point of committing suicide at the age of 13. This charity’s goal is to raise awareness of bullying and it’s effects by spreading positivity through the release of yarn hearts into the world so that people can find them. They accept donations of crocheted, knitted, or wrapped hearts that they will distribute; or you can distribute hearts in your own neighborhood – you just need to request the file of their uplifting messages to be attached to each heart. Check out their Facebook page to see where their hearts have been found and how people react to finding them.

5. Warm Up America

Warm Up America Logo

A wonderful example of community kindness that grew to embrace a nation, Warm Up America began in a small town in Wisconsin. Evie Rosen founded the organization in 1991, asking people to make 7 x 9 inch squares rather than entire afghans. The squares are then joined and donated to a list of charitable agencies, including nursing homes, children’s hospitals, and battered women’s shelters. Get involved or donate!

Bonus Charity:

Snuggles Project

Snuggles Project

Part of Hugs for Homeless Animals, Snuggles Project provides handmade Snuggles to shelters on their worldwide directory. Their Donation Form is required with each donation directly to your local shelter and they ask that you follow these guidelines. They provide crochet patterns, as well as those for knitters, sewers and non-sewers.

Not interested in any of those? Check out Lion Brand Yarns Charity Connection to find organizations in need in your own neighborhood.

What is YOUR favorite crochet charity?

What do you think?