Eco-Friendly Yarns

In our last blog post we talked a little bit about organic, recycled, and alternative fiber yarns. Today, I’d like to share some exciting yarn finds with all of you that fit into each of those categories.  Enjoy! 

Organic Yarns

Skinny Cotton

Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton in French Blue

Simply Cotton Organic Worsted Yarn – This 100% organic cotton yarn comes in naturally occurring shades and is free from all dyes and bleach. This super soft yarn is easy to work with, but colors vary from skein to skein and KnitPicks reports a 5-10% shrinkage in length once it’s washed and dried.

Ecobutterfly Farfalla Botanicals – This hand-harvested, hand-brushed Peruvian yarn is certified Fair Trade and is offered in natural colors as well as low impact botanical dyed colors. Small variations in color are reported from skein to skein, but this artisanal yarn is luxuriantly soft and has a “fantasy” texture.

Blue sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton – This 100% organic cotton yarn has a smooth, sleek spin and comes in 21 low impact shades – both dyed and natural. Soft and supple, this sport-weight yarn has wonderful stitch definition and is easy to work.

Verde Collection Sprout – A cushy, organic yarn with a slightly nubby texture, Sprout maintains a beautiful loft when used. Available in a “bright and lively” palette, this yarn is machine washable!

Quince & Co Sparry Organic Linen – This fingering weight yarn has a clean, smooth hand that crochets up crisp. Once washed, however, this yarn becomes soft and drapey. Available in over 20 colors, this yarn is perfect for anything next to the skin!

Recycled Yarns

Knit One Crochet Too - 2nd Time Cotton in Dogwood

Knit One Crochet Too – 2nd Time Cotton in Dogwood

Kollage Riveting – Made from recycled blue jeans, Riveting is made from 80% post-consumer materials and available in 19 colors! Machine washable and able to be put in the dryer, this yarn is as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans!

Knit One Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton – Want to help mother nature? 2nd Time Cotton is a blend of new recycled cotton from the garment industry and acrylic. The blend is soft to the touch, and the colors are fabulous!

Berroco Remix – An exciting mixture of nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk, and linen, Remix is created from 100% recycled fibers and available in 20 colors. You can wash this yarn in the machine, but it should be laid flat to dry.

Darn Good Yarn Chunky Art Yarn – Made from “manufactured waste,” Darn Good Yarns repurposes what would go to landfills into gorgeous yarn AND jobs! This chunky yarn is thick but so very soft and the colors are amazing!

Kitsdiezijn The T-Yarn – This Netherland-based Etsy shop sells t-shirt yarn made from offcuts from the fashion industry. Available in a myriad of colors, this yarn is made from high quality cotton.

Alternative Fiber Yarns

Hand Maiden Sea Silk Yarn in Cezanne

Hand Maiden Sea Silk Yarn in Cezanne

Darn Good Yarn Banana Fiber – Created from fibers scraped from the bark of banana trees, this yarn is highly sustainable. Soft as silk, strong, with a strong texture, Banana Fiber yarn is also biodegradable!

Hand Maiden Sea Silk Yarn – Gorgeous drape and a shimmering sheen make this silk and seaweed yarn luxurious to work with. Made from seacell (a cellulose fiber made from seaweed), Sea Silk yarn must be hand-washed and is perfect for lacy projects!

Lana Knits Hempton – This blend of hemp and cotton is made in Italy and is a “delectable blend” giving your projects a soft and silky feel with a beautiful shine. Available in 14 colors, Hempton is machine wash & dry for easy care!

SWTC Pure – 100% “Soysilk” yarn, Pure is created from the proteins found in Soy. The yarn has a soft, gentle drape, a gorgeous sheen, wicks away moisture and is very warm.

Be Sweet Bamboo – Bamboo grows like weeds and makes a simply stunning yarn. Be Sweet hand-dyes this yarn, which shines like silk, but is machine washable and antibacterial! They also work with job creation programs to allow artisans to support their families while making this gorgeous yarn.

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