Crochet Inspiration by Happily Hooked Magazine Designer Kristi Simpson

Crochet Inspiration by Kristi Simpson

As crocheters, we sometimes lose our crojo – our crochet inspiration or mojo – and need a little boost to get it back.
It's our birthday month and one of our designers, Kristi Simpson has graced us with her inspiration behind creating the designs in our birthday issue of Happily Hooked Magazine (you can find that here).  Here is Kristi in her own words…

Happily Hooked Birthday Mandala

Happily Hooked Birthday Mandala by Kristi Simpson

Meet the Designer

Crochet designer Kristi Simpson

Happily Hooked Crochet Designer Kristi Simpson

Inspired by her love of yarn, Kristi enjoys designing knit and crochet patterns with a fresh and modern touch. By using a mix of stitches creatively, she designs patterns that are great for beginners and beyond. She has had 40+ published books with more in the works, featured as host in several video tutorials and classes and has been included in a variety of magazines.

Crochet Inspiration by Happily Hooked Magazine Designer Kristi Simpson

Hello HHM peeps!
First of all, let’s all say Happy Birthday to Happily Hooked! The BIG 6! How exciting!
Now, let’s CELEBRATE! I am so excited to be a part of this fun celebration—and chat with you a minute about the yarn and designs.
I can’t wait any longer…..Let’s talk about the yarn!  When I was told that it was hand-dyed (read about the yarn maker Alyssa McCullom here)–it made the projects even more special. I have always had a challenging time designing with “special” yarns. You know the ones I’m talking about–the pretty yarns that sit top shelf and you stare at it…trying to find the “perfect project.”
Yeah–that’s how I feel about hand-dyed yarns. They are so unique and designed with them to add a touch of pressure! BUT no worries because I love a challenge! I stared at them long enough to design 2 SPECIAL projects just for the celebration! I have done the hard part for you…so get yours and get started!
As you can see, the colors are amazing.  My favorite color is purple and there’s purple in each! Teal and Purple and Pink and Purple! How did they know?!? They are a fun mix–hence the birthday celebration, yet they are very applicable to your projects.
Now, I like soft yarns… I think we all do!  This yarn is completely AMAZING. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was told it was 100% acrylic and hand-dyed. I had hoped it was soft—but this more than surprised me!  If I could put this yarn in one word….HAPPY. Seriously, this yarn makes me HAPPY. Colors, feel, and all!
Okay, now I need to put the yarn down and talk about designs.

Crochet Inspiration Behind the Hat

Let’s start with the HAT. Since the yarn is variegated, I wanted to add a fun touch to the top and then allow the colorwork to have fun and show off on the body of the hat. The top has a flower design and then the body stitching will not disappoint. This is a fun pattern–with a HAPPY result!

Birthday Hat by Kristi Simpson

Birthday Hat by Kristi Simpson

Cool story about the actual hat I made….So, I made the hat in the purple and teal. I sent it to be photographed and got it back. A few days later my Aunt messaged me about needing a chemo hat for a friend. I had depleted my stash from giving Christmas gifts….but I had that ONE hat. I Come to find out, the lady's favorite color was purple and she was fighting ovarian cancer…..and that color awareness is…..TEAL! How cool is that!
Needless to say, this yarn is soft enough even for a chemo cap!
One design down….1 more to go!

Mandala Crochet Inspiration

After being a part of the Happily Hooked Members’ Community on Facebook for a while, I began to watch what people like to make and show off. By the way, if you’re not a member or in the community—you’re missing out! This is the most active crochet group EVER! Okay–back to what I was saying…..I noticed that hats and wall hangings are some of the main things made (there are lots of things posted–and they all look great!)….so I wanted to design a fun wall hanging.

Happily Hooked Birthday Mandala

Happily Hooked Birthday Mandala

This HAPPY yarn works out well in these designs…and I can’t wait to see what all of you make!
Be sure to post it and tag #happilyhookedbirthdayyarn so we all can see!
Thanks for taking a minute with me to chat yarn and designs…..
Best Stitches!

Kristi Simpson

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Crochet inspiration by Kristi Simpson

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