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Happy Friday, my friend!


I was just typing out something about how it’s been a really long week, but I realized it’s Friday…and I’ve been under the assumption that it was Thursday ALL day.


So I guess the week really hasn’t been as long as I thought it was since I was trying to add an extra day!  😉


Fall weather has definitely set in here, which may be part of the reason why my days kind of blur together.  One minute the skies are blue and the air is still…the next the wind kicks up and a storm blows through.  


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Fall.  It’s my favorite season. The beginning part is just so changeable that it messes with my brain.  (And allergies, but we won’t discuss the number of tissues I’ve used this week.)  


And now that the temps have dropped into the 50s and 60s, I’m itching to make some Fall-ish projects.  And this month, I am all about the Bonfire hat from this month’s issue. Have you seen the design? It’s AWESOME!


I won’t lie – at first when I saw it I was iffy.  It didn’t really spark anything inside me. I thought, “Meh.  It’s just a hat. Maybe I’ll make one…if I feel like it.” And honestly?  I didn’t think I would really feel like it.


Then I sat down and made one.  Then 3 more. And I’ve got at least 5 more planned.  I AM IN LOVE.  


This design is simple, works up quickly, and can be made in any color. These are just random balls of bulky yarn from my stash. Each one has a different feel, and the colors make me happy.

Hats are easily one of my favorite things to make. They’re versatile, necessary, and they help me out on cool days when my insane curly hair decides to do its own thing. 😉


How do you feel about making hats? (Any hat – not just this design.) Yay or nay? Let me know!


Ok, my yarn is calling me. I’ve got a gorgeously squishy blush pink with coordinating pompom that is screaming Bonfire Hat. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Happy crocheting!

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