Courtney's Corner

Happy Friday, my lovely friend!!
I don’t know about you, but my week has been really great.
No particular reason for the greatness – it’s more of a combination of a few things.  
First, sleep.  I’ve gotten enough sleep every night which almost never happens because I read past my bedtime.  😉
Second, the leaves have really started showing off their colors this week.  The shift from green to bright red and orange makes me super happy!
Third, my kiddos and husband also had a really good week.  When I don’t have to worry about my family struggling, it’s easier for me to relax.
And lastly, CROCHET!  I started making sure that I carved crochet time out of every single day.  Sure I felt a little guilty about walking away from work and other things, but those few hours really brightened each day.  
AND!  I managed to finish some projects from my WIP pile!!  Wanna see today’s finished project? (I won’t show you my Bonfire Hats…yes, I made more.  I can’t help myself!)
This morning I finished my Sunshine Wrist Bag from the October issue…and I LOVE it!  It’s so much fun!! And it worked up so quickly! I definitely see more of these in my future.  (Especially since my daughter stole this one as soon as she walked in the door from school.)
Even sewing the zipper to the bag was easy-peasy. The whole project was enjoyable…I am kicking myself a little for not getting it done sooner. (So I have more time to make another one immediately!)
So how 'bout you? How was your week? Did you get any crochet time in? Did you make any Happily Hooked projects? Show me! I'd love to see!
If you weren't able to get much You Time during the week, I hope you're able to squeeze some in this weekend. You deserve it!
Happy crocheting!

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