How to Choose a Crochet Hook – Tips From the Designers

There is a great divide in the crochet world: Boye vs. Bates hooks. Which brand do you prefer? The best way to choose a hook is just to test as many as possible and see what feels best in your hands and with your grip. So what’s the difference? Here are a few critiques:

Boye hooks have a tapered throat versus Bates hooks which have a throat in-line. The placement of the thumb rest is also different on the two hooks. Some crocheters have a definite preference and are loyal to their brand while others prefer different hooks for different styles of yarn.

Another thing to consider is the way your hold your hook. This quick video shows the difference between the knife hold and the pencil hold. The way you hold your hook may also affect the hook you choose.

We asked several designers for their best tips on choosing hooks. Read their recommendations and see the beautiful designs that they have created with their favorite hooks:

Danyel Pink of Danyel Pink Designs: I like Bates with Clay or Bamboo handles. I have a pencil grip.

Tip: Try a few and see what you like best!

Amber Millard of Divine Debris: I don’t really have a preference when it comes to hooks, but I’ve been using Boye hooks from a set I was gifted with and they work well. I have a knife hold.

Tip: have fun and try a variety. I’ve got plastic and Bates hooks and I don’t like the plastic nearly as much as, but now I know. 🙂

Jennifer Dougherty of Crochet by Jennifer: I use Boye but I plan to try the Clover Amour soon, and I have a knife grip.

Tip: Try both styles, inline and tapered and see what works best for you. 🙂

Ashley Leither of Ashley Designs Corner: I like Bates but with a wooden handle, so I use Yarnology and I have a knife grip.

Tip: Use something, like a wooden handle, to give the hook a thicker grip to give you less hand pain. I actually wrote a blog post on picking the right hook.

Sarah Lora of Ball Hank n’ Skein: I use Boye, have a knife hold and I choose hooks based on price!

Jonna Ventura of Frayed Knot: I love Bates, have a pencil hold.

Tip: try all different kinds!

Michelle Warwick of From Home: I prefer Bates and I have a knife hold. I like clay handled hooks and plain hooks.


Here is a hook conversion chart that you may need as well.




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