Blogger Feature: Kristines Crochets

As soon as I realized that the theme for this issue was “coral” I knew that Kristine Salmina, of Kristines Crochets, would be a perfect blogger feature. She has designed several crochet doily patterns incorporating coral and similar hues. Naturally, it was her Coral Lace Doily pattern that first came to mind. The eleven rounds of this floral-centered fingering weight crochet doily are all worked in the same bright coral color. You could easily add a pop of fun to any tabletop just by setting this doily atop it.
If you head over to Kristine’s Ravelry page, you can easily see a number of other doilies worked in similar shades of pinkish orange. Of course, coral is a very specific color. It’s considered an orange shade but one that has bright pink and red tones. Slightly less bright versions of the same color are typically called salmon. Her work incorporates just about every option in this part of the spectrum, from the true pink of her Rose Flower Doily to the bold orange of her Orange Petals Doily. If you’re loving this Pantone Color of the Year and all of the colors similar to it then Kristines Crochet should delight you.
Most of her crochet doily patterns are worked in a single bright color. Therefore, you don’t have to worry a lot about changing colors or weaving in yarn ends. If you do like working in multiple colors, though, she has a few options for you. Plus, of course, you could always adapt her designs by making your own color changes every round or two. And although she is particularly known for her doilies, she does offer patterns for coasters, ornaments, and a few accessories.

Asked about her specific love for doilies, though, the Latvian designer shares,

“Crocheted doilies have always been a passion of mine. They can be really fun to make. I love experimenting with different techniques, stitches, shapes, and colors.
Plus, once you have a doily pattern, you can easily adapt it to make other items. You can use a doily pattern to make coasters, mandalas, tablecloths, placemats, wall décor, and even rugs just by changing out the yarn and hook sizes for the project. The possibilities are endless. I lovedecorating my whole home with doilies.”
Some of her larger crochet doilies are used as tablecloths in her own home. Kristine has a particularly fond tablecloth memory from childhood. She had learned to crochet from her grandmother when she was a little girl. Her grandmother was always crocheting or knitting. In this memory, her grandmother had lost her reading glasses, so she read the crochet tablecloth pattern aloud to her. Sitting in her grandma’s room, doing her part, made her feel very happy to be part of the crochet process.
Her grandmother taught her all of the basic stitches as well as how to read crochet patterns and diagrams. Later on, she supplemented that knowledge with additional information from crochet websites, craft magazines, and YouTube. Now she’s a designer with her own YouTube channel where she shares video tutorials of her own original designs.

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Asked about designing her own work, she shares:

“I have always admired crocheters who make their own patterns. I decided that I would give it a try with my own unique designs. The best part of being a designer is to be able to create beautiful things from scratch. With just imagination, a crochet hook, some yarn or thread, and perhaps a paper and pen to jot down your ideas, you can create something amazing.
I like to create patterns that are fairly simple because I want them to be suitable for beginners. As long as you know the basic crochet stitches, you can complete most of my patterns.”

Kristine gets her inspiration from all over the place, but particularly from nature. You can see her love for beautiful flowers worked into so many of the designs that she has created. Of course, it’s tough to balance releasing patterns for free with also trying to find customers willing to pay for some patterns. Overall, though, she’s enjoyed the challenge. She shares her free crochet patterns on her blog, which she just started in October 2018. She has patterns for sale on Etsy.

Kristine also enjoys sharing her work on YouTube, saying:

“I love that YouTube allows you to upload videos for free. It also provides the opportunity to share the videos to other platforms. As long as you create good content, there is the potential to reach a lot of people. More than that, though, it is also a community where to interact with other members.”
She loves connecting with the craft community online. She hasn’t collaborated directly with any other designers, yet, but says that she would be open to collaboration in the future.

Asked to share some of her favorites in crafting she offers:

  • When working from other people’s designs, I don’t care whether the instructions are written or in the form of a video tutorial. I enjoy both equally.
  • I prefer cotton yarn or thread for making doilies, coasters, and placemats. I particularly love Alize Bella, Madame Tricote Paris Camilla, and Nako Fiore.
  • If had to choose my favorite stitch, that would be picot. I love crochet lace with picot edging – very simple, classy and elegant at the same time.
  • I know how to knit but I prefer crochet.

In fact, crochet is pretty much her only craft right now. In terms of other hobbies, she especially loves baking cakes and cupcakes for her loved ones. She also enjoys bicycling and says that she feels more productive if she makes time for that in her day.
Of course, crochet also improves her day. She says, “besides just being a useful skill, I find crochet to be very meditative and relaxing. Plus, it has taught me so much. Crochet has made me more patient, more confident, and more willing to learn. Life is a never-ending learning process and crochet has shown me how fun that can be.”
You can connect with Kristine on Facebook and Instagram.
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