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Crocheters, trust me, you want your name on this VIP List!

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Black Friday, already? Sneak peek, you say? I confess I am not a fan of the early shopping rush or the holiday decorations before Halloween. BUT, this IS Happily Hooked and it IS the happiest place on earth for crocheters!

What am I getting at? Happily Hooked has BIG plans for Black Friday this year. Here's a chance for you to get a sneak peek and get in on the deal BEFORE it goes live to the millions of other crocheters on the internet.


No, do not wait

Last year, we sold out of our product on the first day. Yeah. The FIRST day. No kidding. It was not fun for people who wanted it but couldn't get it. Believe me.

So, this year we want to give a headstart to people who sign up for our VIP Priority List. That could be you!!

Seriously, if you play your cards right …

All you have to do is click the link below the video and fill out the form. When you do, you’ll get:

Automatically entered into our Epic 50-Skein Stash-Booster Giveaway!! (YARN! 🤤 )

A 24-hour head-start on our BEST OFFER EVER on Black Friday!! ( ⏰ 😲 )

What is the offer?

It's really awesome, and as a crocheter, you will most definitely love it. It will go fast, I have no doubt about that. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but, Sam will …

Well, she will eventually …




Nicely done. Bravo!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled day.

Looking for more Happily Hooked crochet? Our YouTube channel has so tons of fun information available, so be sure to browse around. We have a great starter series for the beginner crocheter. You'll love our yarn and product reviews, and a whole lot more.

And don't forget our other media, too, like our InstagramFacebook, and even our TikTok and Pinterest channels! We have so much to share with you!

Margaret Kavanagh

I've been crocheting since my mother taught me as a little girl. I'm lucky to be working with Happily Hooked and I can't wait to share everything yarny and hooky with you! Yarn over, peeps! Yarn over!

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