Graphs: A step by step guide

Understanding how to work with crochet graphs can seem intimidating at first, yet once you learn the basics, you’ll be shocked at how easy it really is. We’ll explain what you can make, what stitches to use, how graphs differ from charts, how to read them, and how to finish your graph projects.

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15 cool and unusual yarn storage solutions to consider

15 yarn storage solutions by Happily Hooked

It’s time to talk about yarn storage. Again. You crochet, so you have yarn. Probably a LOT of yarn. A WHOLE lot of yarn, in a whole lot of places. Beautiful, beautiful yarn. 
Despite our best efforts, the yarn stash grows and grows. Not only does a bunch of yarn laying around create clutter, but it also clutters the creative process right? How are we supposed to create crochet magic if we can’t focus on what is most important, our beautiful yarn?!
Everyone has a different flair for storing and organizing yarn: shelves, cubbies, bins, pegboards, wall hammocks, and more. But, it really depends on how you want to deal with your yarn. Do you want to see it all the time? (I do! I love looking at it!) Do you need to keep it close by but protected? Or do you just want a place to throw it when you’re trying to clean up? We’ve got a cool solution for every type…

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Free Poppy Patterns: The prettiest patterns from around the web!

The prettiest free crochet poppy patterns

The story behind the Remembrance Day poppy is pretty amazing. Crochet these beautiful free poppies patterns to keep or to share with those you love. This year, it’s even more important to take time out to remember the important things.

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5 Pain-Relieving Chair Stretches

5 chair stretches for crocheters to prevent and relieve pain

Did you know that there are several ways to relieve muscle soreness and increase blood flow that don’t even require you to leave your seat? If you’re struggling to stay comfortable while practicing your craft, give the following chair stretches a try.

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5 Ways to Prevent Hand Pains

5 Ways to Prevent Crochet Pain

We know that many of you crochet up to the point where you really shouldn’t anymore. When the pain becomes too strong, and your hands and shoulders ache. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop crocheting; it just means that you need to make adaptations may need to reduce the pain of repetitive stress. We give you 5 ways to prevent the pain.

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10 Super Cute, FREE, and Pretty Easy Baby Patterns

We’ve scoured the internet for the most adorable crochet baby blanket patterns and they are free!
These projects are great to crochet whether you know someone who has a baby on the way, you need a birthday gift for a little one, or you’re just looking for something to whip up for the craft sale.

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Color-Changing Yarn Cakes: 10 Patterns that Work Up Great

caron cakes yarn patterns

Caron Cakes are gorgeous #4 weight yarns with long color transitions and stunning hues! Caron Cakes color-changing yarns now include the Baby Cakes line with pastel shades perfect for baby gifts, and Big Cakes in a large 300g ball. (There are additional new varieties in lighter and heavier weights, as well as different textures, but we’ll stick to these for the moment.)

Now that you’ve gotten your hands on some of these Caron Cakes, what do you crochet with them? We’ve got some great patterns for you!

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4 Free July 4th Patterns – Get Your Independence Day On!

4 Free Fourth of July Crochet Patterns

We have a roundup of FREE Fourth of July crochet patterns to help you celebrate Independence Day in the prettiest way possible! So, grab these patterns, your hook, and your yarn, and enjoy a cool drink and some uninterrupted time with your favorite hobby. (And just think about how happy your pets will be without the scary thunder rockets in the skies, while you’re at it.)

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Interview: The dear soul at Expression Fiber Arts and oh, that yarn!

Interview with Chandi from Expression Fiber Arts

Chandi at Expression Fiber Arts puts a lot of expression into everything she does, including her interviews. Expression is a perfect word to use in her store name, because she does a lot of it while she talks, too. I recently watched her video on how to crochet faster. There’s no denying she’s stunning, like a model, really. But I couldn’t help be even more charmed by her good nature and sweetness. She’s one good soul and I found myself smiling while she talked. She’s just really … dear. Wait until you see her yarn! It’s beautifully lux. But it’s not just the yarn itself, it’s also the way Chandi’s yarn is named and shown on her site. Just take a look at this…

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The Top New Designs from Pattern Pack Pro!

Top New Pattern Pack Pro Crochet Designs for May 2021

Welcome to a look at the top crochet patterns for this month’s issue of Pattern Pack Pro Magazine! These are the patterns our members can’t wait to get their hands on from the latest issue!
Every single month our amazing publishers, Courtney and Shawna, launch a new issue full of wonderful crochet patterns from our top designers from all over the world. These patterns are triple-tested to make sure they are easy-to-follow and as close to flawless as possible.
We share the top crochet patterns that our members rave about most and update them here every month. Don’t miss it! But remember, you can’t get the new top patterns unless you’re a member!

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