Crochet personality – which one are you? Take our quiz and find out!

Which Crochet Personality Are You? Take Our Quiz!

Crochet personality. You’re probably wondering what that means. Well, each of us approaches things a bit differently and that makes us an amazingly diverse group, right?
Some of us are yarn hoarders (guilty!) while some of us buy only what we need for a project. We know crocheters that just have to buy every crochet book they see, while others will only follow the hippest designers on social media. Some crocheters use only natural fibers while others are fine with vibrant nylon threads.
What does all this mean? It means you love to crochet, and you should take our quiz to find out what your crochet personality says about you!

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The Top 5 Newest Crochet Patterns from This Month’s Issue!

The Top New Crochet Patterns This Month May 2021 Edition

Welcome to a look at the top 5 crochet patterns for this month’s issue of Happily Hooked Magazine! We’re betting that these are the patterns our members can’t wait to get their hands on from the latest issue!
Every single month our amazing publishers, Courtney and Shawna, launch a new issue full of wonderful crochet patterns from our top designers from all over the world. These patterns are triple-tested to make sure they are easy-to-follow and as close to flawless as possible!
We choose the top 5 that we think our members will rave about first and update them here every month! Don’t miss it! And don’t miss our Pattern Pack Pro list of the monthly top 3, too!

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5 Things “You Should Crochet” Because They’d “Make You Rich!”

Crochet items that make people say: You should make and sell that! You would totally be rich!

“You should make that! You could sell them! You’d make so much money!” As a crocheter, you’ve heard THAT a time or two.
On the one hand, it’s really nice, right? Your friend, spouse, family member, a stranger walking by … someone thinks you have the talent to create something that millions of people want to throw money at you for.

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18 Crochet Slang Phrases: The Bare Essentials Plus a Few More

Socially Acceptable Crochet Slang Phrases

Crochet is full of abbreviations and acronyms like dc for double crochet and hdc for half double crochet. Getting to know those standards is important, obviously. But, crocheters who crochet socially also need to know crochet slang. Yes, it’s a real thing.
So, if you don’t know what I mean when I say: “I finally got my crojo back! I picked up an old WIP and after frogging half of it, I played yarn chicken and lost. So I’m headed out on a YART to my LYS and maybe JOANN’s to bulk up my stash. Wanna go?”, buckle up! Slang school is in session!

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11 Free Crochet Leaf Patterns for Every Season + 3 Tunisian Videos

11 free crochet leaf patterns

Whether it’s autumn and you want crochet leaves in gorgeous warm tones to set the mood, or it’s spring and you want beautiful green leaves to express your joy, I have them for you. I would never leaf you without the crochet patterns you need! And if you need leaf crochet patterns, then darn it, I’ll give you leaf patterns! And really pretty leaf patterns, while I’m at it.

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15 cool and unusual yarn storage solutions to consider

15 yarn storage solutions by Happily Hooked

It’s time to talk about yarn storage. Again. You crochet, so you have yarn. Probably a LOT of yarn. A WHOLE lot of yarn, in a whole lot of places. Beautiful, beautiful yarn. 
Despite our best efforts, the yarn stash grows and grows. Not only does a bunch of yarn laying around create clutter, but it also clutters the creative process right? How are we supposed to create crochet magic if we can’t focus on what is most important, our beautiful yarn?!
Everyone has a different flair for storing and organizing yarn: shelves, cubbies, bins, pegboards, wall hammocks, and more. But, it really depends on how you want to deal with your yarn. Do you want to see it all the time? (I do! I love looking at it!) Do you need to keep it close by but protected? Or do you just want a place to throw it when you’re trying to clean up? We’ve got a cool solution for every type…

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I read the crochet news today, oh boy!

crochet stories in the news

Could it be? Could 2021 be the year of crochet? It’s pretty exciting to read the news and see stuff about your favorite pastime, right? Crochet news! Who would have thought? But thanks to some perfect storm of events over the last year or so, crochet has actually made it to the top of the news pile.
Thanks to a year where a critical pandemic has forced us all inside, millions of us have turned to one of the most popular arts on record: crochet. And now, it’s blossomed into something bigger than we ever imagined! Check out all the exciting ways that crochet has a major influence in the world in just the first few weeks of April 2021!

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Hey Members: Lifetime Membership Cost vs. Benefits

Happily Hooked Crochet Lifetime Membership

Hey Members: Should you spend the money on the Happily Hooked Lifetime Membership? I thought it was worth plunking down my hard-earned money and I’m about to tell you why you should, too!

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How many of these crochet memes “get you”? 15 of 21 for me!

21 Funny Crochet Memes

Crocheters are a bit obsessed and we sometimes go overboard. So there are a few crochet memes out there that hit a bit close to home. (A few?) Well, it’s healthy to laugh at yourself, right? Get ready to roll on the floor whooping it up!

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10 Helpful Crochet Hacks to Make Your Life Better Than It was Before

10 crochet hacks

When I hear “crochet hacks” I picture Tom Cruise dropping from the ceiling from a crocheted rope, skeins of yarn in hand, ready to teach me the secret to never having to weave in ends again. (Is it just me?) But, what we’re really going to talk about in this post are some really great techniques for taking care of a few annoyances, like scratchy yarn and unwanted gaps in your work.
We’ll also introduce you to some great innovations that you may (or may not) have heard about before, like standing double crochet stitches and a smart way to protect your printed patterns. So, while they don’t really “hack” because we’re not about to do an end-run-around into someone’s computer security system, they do make crochet better because you suddenly have fewer annoyances. That’s pretty cool.

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