Crochet + Fashion: Keeping Your Crochet Wardrobe For Life

We spend hours, days, weeks, and sometimes even months constructing treasured crochet garments. Stitch by stitch we envision wearing our new piece out and about to the office and to family functions where we proudly get to answer, “Yes, I made this!” The last thing we want is for our prized sweater, cardigan, or dress to be ruined due to a laundry mishap. Other enemies of crochet include accidental snags and pests, and I’m not just talking about moths; sticky handed kids, absent-minded husbands, and curious cats can the detriment of your hard work. With some thoughtful consideration regarding storage and care, you can keep your lovely crochet fashions looking as stunning as the day you wove in that last end. Here are 9 useful tips and tricks so your garment can one day achieve heirloom status:

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Interview with Twinkie Chan

We called the fashion food queen, Twinkie Chan, and she gave us the scoop (Haha, get it?) on mastering the art of amigurumi, and how to pull off these sweet and savory accessories.

Interview By: Salena Baca & Danyel Pink

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Top 10 Fingerless Gloves

We love sharing patterns and today’s roundup looks at our Top 10 Fingerless Gloves!

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Yarn Review: Knit Picks Billow

As you may have noticed, I’m a huge fan of Knit Picks’ yarns! Billow is no exception!

By: Danyel Pink

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