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Ask Abby: What do you know about crochet stitch anatomy?

crochet stitch anatomy blo

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This week’s question comes from Jennifer, who encountered the instruction “BLO only.” So, I’m going to do a quick acronym rundown, and then send you off to some other resources that can help.

Abby says:

BLO, FLO, FP, and BP

Unless otherwise directed, you’re usually working through two loops when you crochet. These are the two loops at the tops of the stitches from the row or round below:

crochet stitch top loops

You insert the crochet hook through both loops of a stitch unless a pattern instructs you differently.


BLO = Back Loop Only

It means you only crochet in the loop farthest from you. This is the direction Jennifer encountered and it means that any stitch she encountered is to be worked ONLY in the back loop instead of through both loops. Doing so adds texture and creates a completely different look.

crochet stitch anatomy blo

To crochet in the back loop only, insert the hook in the single loop on the backside of the stitch.



FLO = Front Loop Only

It means you only crochet in the loop closest to you.

crochet stitch anatomy flo

To crochet in the front loop only, insert the hook in the single loop on the front side of the stitch.


FP and BP

FP = Front Post

BP = Back Post

This picture shows the post of a double crochet. Instead of inserting your hook in a loop, you go around the post.

crochet stitch anatomy front post

To crochet around a post, insert the hook around the body or base of the stitch, rather than in the top loops of the stitch.

In a FPDC, you double-crochet around the post from the front (as shown in the picture). For a BPDC, you double-crochet around the post from the back.

More Crochet Stitch Anatomy Resources

We have tons of great video tutorials for basic stitches and more advanced, decorative stitches.

View a video from our YouTube instructor Sam for more information about BLO, FLO, and a very cool third loop:


For a detailed look at the anatomy of a crochet stitch, watch this video from our YouTube channel:


And here is a video tutorial of the Back Post Double Crochet (BPDC) stitch:




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