6 Reasons Why You Need an Ottlite in Your Crochet Life

Ottlite sent me one of their Craft Lamps recently to see what I thought of it and can I say WOW! I have been admiring these from afar for a long time but I never  thought a light could make that much of a difference. I have now experienced the 24w Ultimate 3- in -1 Craft Lamp and I am a believer. This lamp is worth every penny and your eyes will thank you.

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1). Some Assembly Required, but it’s not what you expect!

When I opened the box, I couldn’t believe how amazing this Ottlite lamp was and how easy it came together!
1A You can see that it has 3 assembly options. It can be a floor lamp, a table lamp, or a clip- on lamp. I was thinking that I would choose the desk lamp assembly because I have four crazy kids and I was worried that they would knock it over, but the base plate is so sturdy and quite heavy so I decided to assemble mine as a floor lamp because my desk is a little crowded.
6 This shows the optional desk clamp option.
2A  The lamp section is really amazing.

2). The bulb lasts HOW long?

It comes with a long florescent 24 watt bulb that is rated to last up to 10,000 hours. The bulb and shade sit at the highest point.

2B The florescent light comes on a jointed stand so the top of the light can be moved and the bottom can also be adjusted.


3). But what kind of light does it give off?

I could not believe how soft and beautiful the light from this lamp is. I live in the desert and it gets very hot so to keep the air-conditioning running efficiently, we usually keep the blinds closed. We also moved into a house recently with some darker walls and poor lighting (we loved everything else though!). A darker house keeps out some of the intense heat in our area but it makes it difficult to do anything that requires concentration. I had a desk lamp but it put off a harsh yellow light, and mixed with my brown/beige walls, it was very unpleasant. It wasn’t too bad at the beginning before I started working but in the time that I have been working, the poor lighting has caused me a lot of eye strain. Last year my glasses prescription worsened. I figured that was just a side effect of lots of crocheting and computer work but I noticed a huge difference the second that I turned this lamp on.

4). Extra! Extra!

The other two arms of the lamp contain a LED lighted 2x magnifier with a 4x spot viewer on a flexible arm and a 20 3/4” flexible arm with a sturdy clip.

3 3A

It can hold patterns, charts, instructions, etc.

They move smoothly but have incredible strength. The lamp stand also includes an additional electrical plug to charge any electronics and devices.

5). Cut out the editing!

I also do a large amount of product photography but since my house is so poorly lit, I go outside whenever I am taking photos. Since this light was so soft and clean, I snapped a couple quick shots of my desk, with the light directly above…

8  and some yarn that I was going to work with later.

I was stunned when I went to do the editing and saw that both of those photos had the correct coloring straight out of my camera. I have always had to edit the yellow out of any of my inside photos so this was huge for me!

6). Final verdict?

I give this lamp 6 out of 5 stars. It exceeded my expectations and I love it!
6 stars

Happy Crocheting!

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